Matt B Roberts and Maril Davis Talk Sequels and Wrapping Up the Series for Emmy Magazine   2 comments

“Onward, Outlander: The creative team behind a worldwide phenom winds down their flagship series – while prepping a prequel and more spinoffs – even as the literary source material continues to evolve.”

Outlander Season 7 Marketing Photography 10/21/22-10/22/22

From Emmy Magazine:

“As season seven approached, clouds appeared to be hanging over Outlander. But were they fluffy white clouds, or dark and stormy? Showrunner Matthew B. Roberts wasn’t sure.

For a decade now, since the worldwide Starz series began production in Scotland in 2013, the producers have had a running joke heading into each season — that this season would finally be the easy one. They wouldn’t be on the high seas anymore or traveling as much to different locations. They could shoot on standing sets, with the Fraser family’s main characters settled on the Ridge, their home in Colonial America.

Much of the appeal of this genre-busting drama is that each season creates a whole new world. It has spanned continents and centuries, moving back in time from post–World War II Britain to eighteenth-century Scotland and France as well as the Caribbean and the early New World colonies, where the War for Independence is now dawning.

“There’s always a big move,” Roberts notes. “Each season ends up being more challenging than the one that came before.”

Millions of viewers tune in to the show on multiple platforms — 6.3 million, on average, during season six — and some are devout readers of the source material. Diana Gabaldon’s book series has sold more than 50 million copies worldwide.

As the TV fandom grew to staggering heights, driving a huge bump in pre-pandemic tourism to Scotland — the so-called Outlander effect — so did demand. For the producers, that meant continuing the faithfully adapted show as long as possible while also considering ways to expand into other series, creating an Outlander-verse.”

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  1. I want to see how this story ends, but I will be so sad when it does.I read the books first, then fell in love with Sam as Jamie.Caitriona as Claire took a while longer but now it’s hard to imagine why.

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