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Welcome to Outlander Online. This site is run by a small group of fans who want the world to appreciate Outlander as much as we do. Outlander is based on the best selling book series written by Diana Gabaldon and airs on Starz.

Outlander Online is not affiliated with Outlander-Starz.

We do not post pictures of actors during their personal time off or gossip in any form. We firmly believe in every actor’s right to privacy. We do not tolerate hate in any way, shape, or form. Any hateful comments will be automatically deleted, and in extreme cases a person could be blocked from this website.

There is no copyright infringement intended on this site. If you are the original owner of any media used and would like it removed, we will be happy to do so. Please contact us at outlanderonline@outlook.com

Furthermore, all original content on this site, including any manipulations or enhancements, is the sole copyright of Outlander Online™. Any unauthorized use is prohibited, unless we give you prior written consent.

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  2. Love that you’re protective of the actors’ personal lives. And good comments only – no bullying or hate messages here; good.Doing a fine job Outlander Online crew.

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  4. As a 4 year Outlander fan, I love rereading the series as there is so much content, I find things that I either forgot or missed on the last go around. I’m on my fourth read of the series. The last 4 summers it’s my go to books.

    Patricia Cerniglia
  5. Onto the, now currently”, the latest book in this series. Love ❤️ how the author, Diana Gabaldon, develops the characters over the ensuing years, from their twenties to as they are now in their late 50- early 60’s.

  6. Oops! Do not you think it’s taking too long for the Outlander 5 season to be recorded? … Is the problem not directly linked to Starts’ purchase by LionsGate (I’ve already mentioned this deal)…? … I think some problem is occurring , because the recording was scheduled for the month of February and we are already in the middle of March ….

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