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Posted October 4, 2014 by justfp

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  1. I have left two comments on the give away section and it’s not assigning me a number. I do follow this blog. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I know only one comment per person so you can delete one. Please let me know what I am doing wrong.

    • Hi there! The site doesn’t add the numbers automatically. I go in after and add the number. I’ll delete your other entry. If you check now, you do have a number. Hope that helps!

  2. Hey! Would you consider letting me affiliate with your site? Here’s my outlander centric tumblr…

  3. Ladies, great website ty. My comment for your discussion today is 1) Love the historical elements. From little things like the Beatons to the Jacobite uprising, just love Braveheart, tho it happened in the 14th Century gives such an illuminating backdrop of the Jacobites. 2) Any more stuff in the book compared to the scene of the concert where Jamie Claire and Laoghare(sp) were talking. There seemed to be more of Jamie’s visit to Castle Leoch. Tx ladies, ur guys are really fly.

  4. Does anyone know when filming will resume? And were?

  5. Are you guys going to do anymore Outlander episode Discussion in the future ?? I’ve listened to 1 & 2 and loved it. 🙂

    • Hi Mary! We will, sorry for the delay. We should be doing it sometime early next week. We haven’t yet because I’ve been feeling under the weather.

  6. Please accept my sincere heartfelt appreciation for bringing this wonderful story to Starz! This has been one of the highlights of my 67 years of age! Everything about this production is BRILLIANT!!! THANK YOU, ONE AND ALL, for the WONDERFUL GIFT TO THE VIEWING AUDIENCE! God bless you all! Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

  7. Are we allowed to use the wallpaper on our page or group if we credit it as your & provide a link back to this site??

  8. Have you heard that in Canada, Amazon is selling pre-orders of the Outlander Series, episodes 1-8? Is it legitimate?

  9. Recently found your site and love it! I’ve listened to the recaps of episodes 1 and 2, but can’t seem to locate recaps for the remaining 6 episodes. Thanks!

  10. Want to express my appreciation for giving space for bits of discussion, exchange of thoughts and feelings w others.

  11. Hello, I wonder if the letter written by Fellow Actor that appeared under DG’s FB could be posted in preparation of the Wentworth eps? I & others have only been thinking of our own anxiety. But this individual thought enough to write DG which I only found on one blog. But I think it’s worthy to be posted on your site & also gives all of us a responsibility and acknowledgment of Sam’s & Tobias’ necessary bravery to tell the story. TY

  12. Hi! I saw a nice pic of Sam and Cait earlier today and you removed it. Will you be able to put it back? Thank you!

  13. Hope to see a mention of Caitriona Balfe’s Saturn Award for best actress!! Awesome that her phenomenal work is being recognized!

  14. Someone should correct the name of the character Oscar Kennedy was recently cast to play. All of the sites indicate that he’ll play the role of William Grey but the description of the role is that of the young John Grey. Would really appreciate a correction of one or the other.

  15. Have you seen the new Starz ad? It just came out this morning? Combination of Outlander and Black Sails.

  16. Last comment Jan. 2016? Season 2. Starts April 9, 2016, where are the rest. of the faithful Outlander family, all over the world;joyful with anticipation???????

  17. Help…Just a little slow. How did Cate get back to her time? When did she go back to the rocks? What’s up with the ring she put in her suitcase?

  18. Please unsubscribe me as I’m getting all of the comments
    A bit overwhelming

  19. Is there an easier way to go to read/see all the comments in one area? One simple button to tap to see all of them…I posted something to do (7/10/16) but when I tried to find it, I couldn’t.

    Donna Brown aka Donna B

  20. Hi all. Just wondering why my comments never post.
    Something I wrote? I apologize if so but I don’t ever remembering writing anything in poor taste. Please let me know.
    Love everything Outlander.

  21. Can you please tell me an email where I can write to you?
    I would like to have a pic deleted you puplished
    Thank you so much

  22. Hello all. Just wondering why my comments are never posted. I love Outlander and apologize for whatever put me on this do not admit list😊 I hope this one gets to y’all.

  23. Today Actor Sam Heughan appeared on a t.v. show hosted by Kelly and Ryan, for an interview and it was the worse interview I have ever seen with either Sam or Cait. The show was inane! The questions were so beneath the role that the actor played and certainly beneath the dignity of the readings of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. Many of us, real fans, were offended. Sam held his own, but I hope that when he or Cait or any of the stars are sent out by agents to do promos, etc., that the agents will get more info about the show and/or its interviewers. Outlander, while entertaining, is far more than just “another love story or adventure story,” and we fans take the readings and the films seriously. Thank you!

  24. I was wondering if you would consider putting a note on the Home page or somewhere in the site to ask people to alert the reader of their comments if they are writing a Spoiler. It doesn’t happen often on this site, but a couple of days ago someone made a comment about season 3 that even Diana kept hidden from the book readers until almost the end of Voyager. TV viewers will now know a HUGE plot twist that should have been a surprise. If given fair warning then the reader will decide if they want to read the spoiler or not. Thanks.

  25. It was, thank you. You are the best!!

  26. I like your site so much that I posted a link on my two favorite Facebook pages – Outlander Universe and Hueghan’s Heulighans. Here’s what I told them.

    A good site for Outlander fans is
    You can also find hundreds of screen captures from all three seasons up through 310., along with a lot of other stuff. Be sure to give them credit for all their hard work. If I posted one of their screen caps without giving credit it was inadvertent.

  27. Your ads are driving me nuts. I scroll down and the page jumps back up and I end up watching the same ad–which I cannot mute, btw–over and over again. I move to another page and the ad starts all over again. I’m losing my patience. I used to love the site…

  28. As a dillettente in the world of Fandom and the Internet in general, how does one reach the actors and producers to leave a comment. No twitter or FB here. Also, think you guys do an outstanding job on this site. I’ve been following you since you first began.

  29. ***dillettante – dang it,

  30. I like to use your screencaps when talking about specific Outlander moments in the books/show on the various social media platforms I’m on. Right now, I save the pic to share, then include the address of the pic in my comment to give credit back to you. Can anybody tell me if there’s a better/easier way to share these pics & give credit back to Outlander Online? Seems like there should be a more direct method, but I haven’t found it. Twitter is especially troublesome because including the address uses up your limited character count. Love your site & thanks for your help!

  31. hi just wondering if their is a special website to get ticket to the convention at the javits center in new York in October ? or should I just buy tickets from stub hub ? thanks sandra

  32. I would like to know how I can share my Outlander edits?

    Linda Christensen
  33. I have a Q? Does anyone else want to know what happened to Sam and Cait? Are we( my friend Diane and I) the only ones who saw how they were really into each other..The looks, the touches, the off set outings.. I’ve seen so many interviews, videos, and they definitely had a thing for each could see it, you could feel it! Then she gets engaged?? Does anyone know what happened?

    Gloria Eggleton
  34. Just wanted to mention that I’ve used your screencaps in two of my reviews, and gave a link in those reviews to you. Thank you.

  35. Hallo, was machst du? Ich bin ein bisschen traurig. Lass uns reden!

  36. I have tried to post on the new contest but its not leaving my response. What am I doing wrong? What do you put in the website part?

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