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NEW Pic of Duncan Lacroix   1 comment

Here is a NEW Pic of Duncan Lacroix


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NEW Pic of The Cast of Outlander   2 comments

Here are is a NEW Pic of Some of The Cast Of Outlander


Video: Diana Gabaldon on the Set of Outlander Season 7   2 comments

Here’s a video of Diana Gabaldon on the set of Outlander season 7

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Charles Vandervaart Speaks About William Ransom & Jamie Fraser With Insider (Interview Conducted Previously)   1 comment

**Please note that this interview was done prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike**

From Insider

Speaking to Insider in an interview conducted before the SAG-AFTRA strike was announced, Vandervaart teased the possibility of a father-son reunion on the battlefield.

“We’re definitely on opposite sides so it’s a bit of a complicated thing,” he said.

Vandervaart said that “things are a lot more complicated than” William might think, since “in a lot of different ways, he is quite naive at the beginning of the season.”

Not only is William completely unaware of his true parentage, but as Vandervaart pointed out: “He doesn’t really understand the violence of war and he’s got a lot of learning to do.”


Vandervaart said with a laugh: “Every time I meet someone who is supposedly related to me, I, William, don’t know this.”

“He never knows,” he added.

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New Fan Pics of the Cast of Outlander at The Highlanders 6 – Day 2   1 comment

Here are some fan pics from the cast of Outlander at The Highlanders 6 today.

Keep checking back we’ll keep adding more. 

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