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We make UHQ (1080p) episode screencaps. To make them easier for you to find here is a list of the galleries with links to get to them. Be patient, since they are UHQ and each gallery has over 1,000 screencaps, it takes a while for the galleries to load.

When you’re in the gallery and want to get the UHQ version click on the thumbnail at the bottom you’ll see this:


Click on “View full size” 

Season 1

1×01 Sassenach: Click here
1×02 Castle Leoch: Click here
1×03 The Way Out: Click here
1×04 The Gathering: Click here
1×05 Rent: Click here
1×06 The Garrison Commander: Click here
1×07 The Wedding: Part I Part IIPart III
1×08 Both Sides Now: Click here
1×09 The Reckoning: Click here
1×10 By the Pricking of My Thumbs: Click here
1×11 The Devil’s Mark: Click here
1×12 LallybrochClick here
1×13 The Watch: Click here
1×14 The Search: Click here
1×15 Wentworth Prison: Click here
1×16 To Ransom a Man’s Soul: Click here

All Season 1 UHQ Stills: Click here

Season 2

2×01 Through a Glass Darkly: Click here
2×02 Not in Scotland Anymore: Click here
2×03 Useful Occupations and Deceptions: Click here
2×04 La Dame Blanche: Click here
2×05 Untimely Resurrection: Click here
2×06 Best Laid Schemes: Click here
2×07 Faith: Click here
2×08 The Fox’s Lair: Click Here
2×09 Je Suis Prest: Click Here
2×10 Prestonpans: Click Here
2×11 Vengeance is Mine: Click here
2×12 The Hail Mary: Click here
2×13 Dragonfly in Amber: Click here 

All Season 2 UHQ Stills: Click here

Season 3

3×01 The Battle Joined: Click here
3×02 Surrender: Click here
3×03 All Debts Paid: Click here
3×04 Of Things Lost: Click here
3×05 Freedom & Whisky: Click here 
3×06 A. Malcolm : Click here 
3×07 Creme de Menthe: Click here
3×08 First Wife: Click here
3×09 The Doldrums: Click here
3×10 Heaven & Earth: Click here
3×11 Uncharted: Click here
3×12 The Bakra: Click here 
3×13 Eye of the Storm: Click here

All Season 3 UHQ Stills: Click here

Season 4

4×01 America the Beautiful: Click here
4×02 Do No Harm: Click here
4×03 The False Bride: Click here
4×04 Common Ground: Click here
4×05 Savages : Click here
4×06 Blood of My Blood: Click here
4×07 Down the Rabbit Hole: Click here
4×08 Wilmington: Click here
4×09 The Birds & the Bees: Click here
4×10 The Deep Heart’s Core : Click here
4×11 If Not For Hope: Click here 
4×12 Providence : Click here
4×13 Man of Worth: Click here

All Season 4 UHQ Stills: All UHQ Stills as of December 12th (156 Stills) 

Season 5

5×01 The Fiery Cross: Click here
5×02 Between Two Fires: Click here
5×03 Free Will : Click here
5×04 The Company We Keep: Click here 
5×05 Perpetual Adoration: Click here
5×06 Better to Marry Than Burn: Click here
5×07 The Ballad of Roger Mac : Click here
5×08 Famous Last Words : Click here
5×09 Monsters and Heroes: Click here
5×10 Mercy Shall Follow Me: Click here
5×11 Journeycake: Click here
5×12 Never My Love : Click here

Season 6

6×01 Echoes: Click here
6×02 Allegiance: Click here
6×03 Temperance: Click here
6×04 Hour of the Wolf: Click here
6×05 Give Me Liberty: Click here
6×06 The World Turned Upside Down: Click here
6×07 Sticks and Stones: Click here
6×08 I Am Not Alone: Click here

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  1. Hi! You made a mistake: The Devil’s mark is Episode 11 and after The Watch, ii’s the Search. I cant’t wait to see them!

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  3. When will you get the screen caps up for Wentworth Prison?

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  8. I believe ep 213 will be like ep 107.. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3…… and so on!! Thank you for doing it!

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  16. Can you say when the 3.03 screencaps will be up?

  17. Can you say when the 3.03 screencaps will be up?

  18. Sorry, not sure why that got listed twice.

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