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A Clip of Diana Gabaldon Reading An Excerpt from Book 10   Leave a comment

Here is a clip of Diana Gabaldon reading an excerpt from the unpublished Book 10 during a visit to Williamsburg

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NEW BTS Pics from Outlander Season 7 Filming   Leave a comment

Here are 8 new bts pics from Outlander Season 7 filming, including one of Diana Gabaldon on set.

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New Article: Outlander Author Diana Gabaldon Will Visit Yorktown   1 comment

New Article: Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander series, will visit Yorktown.

From Daily Press/Virginia Gazette News:

Diana Gabaldon, the author of the best-selling “Outlander” novels that inspired a successful television series, plans to visit Yorktown for two days in September, giving a lecture and walking the battlefield.

“My talk came at an opportune time,” she said in a recent telephone interview from her Arizona home, “because I’m now working on my 10th book, and it will include the end of the American Revolution at Yorktown.”

Although Gabaldon has walked the Yorktown battlefield twice in the past three years, “I plan to stay an extra day to walk again” over the fields, putting the atmosphere firmly in her mind. “And, oh yes, Jamie (one of the series’ two main characters) will be at Yorktown.”

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NEW Interview with Diana Gabaldon from Parade Magazine For 7×08   1 comment

Here is a NEW Interview with Diana Gabaldon from Parade Magazine For 7×08

From Parade :

“I thought [the season] was amazingly successful at taking an immense amount of material, distilling it into vivid strands and weaving them into a mostly coherent and very absorbing story,” New York Times bestselling author Diana Gabaldon tells Parade in this exclusive interview. “While it necessarily had to abbreviate and condense—and in some cases simplify or omit complex incidents and plotlines–they mostly refrained from making up extraneous things that weren’t in the books, while including an immense amount of the original dialogue and incidents. I really appreciated that.”

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Video: Diana Gabaldon on the Set of Outlander Season 7   2 comments

Here’s a video of Diana Gabaldon on the set of Outlander season 7

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Matt B Roberts and Maril Davis Talk Sequels and Wrapping Up the Series for Emmy Magazine   2 comments

“Onward, Outlander: The creative team behind a worldwide phenom winds down their flagship series – while prepping a prequel and more spinoffs – even as the literary source material continues to evolve.”

Outlander Season 7 Marketing Photography 10/21/22-10/22/22

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Diana Gabaldon Speaks About Episode 7×07 of Outlander With Parade Magazine   Leave a comment

From Parade

“Well, Bree hasn’t (almost) been a Presbyterian minister; she doesn’t feel religiously constrained to forgive her enemies,” Diana says. “Besides that, though, Roger is (reluctantly) fascinated by the sudden arrival of a) another time-traveler (whose presence also adds substance to the theory that time-travel is indeed genetic), and b) a relation. Both these considerations feed Roger’s intense curiosity about How Things Work (in terms of time-travel) and Who He (and his family) Is/Are. Growing up as an orphan leaves one with a lot of unfulfilled curiosity, and suddenly…here’s a way to fulfill some of it. Also, how could a historian resist the opportunity to talk to someone historical who (now) knows he’s ‘historical’?”

Buck will be a big part of Roger’s upcoming storyline – again no spoilers here – so we asked Diana why she brought him back into the story, and how does she define him: Is he an onion or a mushroom? Those are her terms for characters, and she says that Buck is an onion, meaning he has layers to be peeled.

“He operates on two levels: as a plot device and a thematic link,” she explains. “He got Roger hanged, for starters (which opened a whole lot of follow-on in terms of the destruction and recovery of Roger’s self-image), and now is providing a sounding board and source of physical assistance in the search for Jem (personal redemption — a child’s life for a child’s life). Meanwhile, there’s a lot going on about the nature of family ties and obligations: How important are the people in your family that you don’t know, and maybe never will?”

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New: Diana Gabaldon Speaks About Episode 7×06 of Outlander With Parade   1 comment

From Parade

It’s an unanticipated moment when Claire decides to speak to a young British officer about the appalling treatment of the prisoners and their need for food, water, and medical supplies, and she quickly realizes that she is speaking to Jamie’s son William. And William, who had met Claire when he was a boy and visited Fraser’s Ridge, is surprised to discover that she’s a prisoner because he knows that Jamie and Lord John were friends.

“William is (naturally) quite surprised to meet Claire again, and more so when he realizes that she’s a rebel,” Diana tells Parade in this exclusive commentary. “Still, he’s a considerate and gallant young man, and he knows that the Frasers at least were friends of his father (and he assumes that his father likely doesn’t know about the Frasers now being traitors to the Crown). Beyond that, he’s been raised to respect and protect women in general, and his instinct is to do that for Claire.

“I doubt he’d feel strongly about her being a rebel, as she’s not taking up arms against the King (and he may think that she’s only a rebel because her husband chose that path and–being a woman–would have had no choice but to follow him).”

But Claire knows that Jamie is always hungry for news of William, and so even though she’s in dire circumstances, she’s thrilled to have run into William and glean what little knowledge of him that she can.

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New: Diana Gabaldon Speaks About Episode 7×05 of Outlander With Parade Magazine   1 comment

From Parade

In the back half of part 1 of season 7 of Outlander, the focus of the story will shift slightly – don’t worry, Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitríona Balfe) will still be there – to include some newer cast members: Jamie’s illegitimate son William (Charles Vandervaart), who was raised by Lord John Grey (David Berry), and Quaker brother and sister Denzell (Joey Phillips) and Rachel (Izzy Meikle-Small) Hunter.

We first meet Denzell and Rachel when Young Ian (John Bell) brings William to Denzell for medical care – Denzell is a doctor – when an infection is raging through William’s body, and, happily, Denzell is one of the better doctors of his time, and he is able to save William’s life and limb.

Once William is well enough to travel, the trio begins their journey: William to return to the British army, Denzell and Rachel to find the Continental Army, where Denzell is hoping to offer his services as a doctor.


“I don’t see how one can avoid comparing him to Jamie, given the circumstances,” New York Times bestselling author Diana Gabaldon shares exclusively with Parade. “But the resemblances are clear: not only his impressive size and physique, but also his personal attributes: good sense of humor, physical courage (he leaps up and kills the bad guy to save Denzell from being killed), and thoughtfulness –not only his care for the Hunters’ well-being, but his genuine shock at having killed a man, and his attempt to come to terms with it, rather than pushing it under the rug.”

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New: Diana Gabaldon’s Interview With Parade Magazine Regarding Episode 7×04 of Outlander   1 comment

From Parade

Casting is always a big part of storytelling. Can you imagine anyone else playing Jamie and Claire than Sam Heughan and Caitríona Balfe? Well, Denzell and Rachel will be playing a big role in the rest of season 7 into season 8, so getting that casting just right was important – and New York Times bestselling author Diana Gabaldon was happy with the results.

Outlander’s casting director/team pull it off again!” she told Parade. “I was delighted to meet Joey and Izzy on set at Lake Menteith a year or so ago. From stature (they’re both slightly taller than I am, but everybody is…) to having a very direct, pure sort of impact…they inhabit the Hunters beautifully. Tough, sturdy, and totally honest; emotionally very open.”


“William’s journey into the Great Dismal (back in the day, “dismal” was a word that just meant “swamp”) takes a bit more room in the book, but I admit that trying to film a cottonmouth chasing William (they really do chase people, if riled up enough) would be a) difficult and b) time-consuming, and there is a lot of more important material to cover,” Diana said of the changes made from the novel to the TV series.

Then she continued, “I’d say the major necessary points were covered, those being William’s meeting with Ian (with Ian and reader/viewer Knowing, and William Not Knowing [that Jamie is his father]), and his later meeting with the Hunters. We’ve also seen William at his first kill, and his reaction to it, which I think was important to his character development (and an echo of his parentage).”

Read the full interview here

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