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*New* Diana Gabaldon’s Interview With Town & Country   1 comment

From Town & Country

Some fans of the books were never keen on that ring to begin with, as it represented a major departure from Diana Gabaldon’s novels. In the text, Claire’s ring is described as featuring a “Highland interlace pattern, the links engraved with tiny, stylized thistle blooms.”

And it is that ring, crafted by Murtagh out of silver from Jamie’s mother’s candle stick, that we see Claire receive in tonight’s episode, as a replacement for the one Bonnet stole.

Gabaldon was a fan of the show’s solution.

“Oh I thought it was very clever how they did it. It worked in extremely well with the plot that they had going, how they had worked that particular bit,” Gabaldon told T&C during a conversation earlier this year.

“I assumed it to be kind of their way of apologizing to the readers who were upset about the first ring, by giving them a ring that more closely resembled what they might have had in mind.”

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A Fair to Remember 🎪🎤❤️   2 comments

FINALLY! Roger Mac!!! Who else went into a croon-swoon on that first note? Alas, in true Gabaldonian fashion…

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*New* Diana Gabaldon’s Interview With Faerie Magazine   3 comments

From Faerie Magazine

If you can, read the Outlander books in sequence before you watch the TV series. That way, you’ll have the characters take shape in your imagination before the actors get inside your head. Gabaldon agrees. “The show is a very good companion to the books,” she says. “But it’s not a replacement.”

Creating a richly layered, exquisitely detailed, multisensory world is important to the author, and she is really, really good at it. In fact, the attention to detail is a main reason Outlander resonates so powerfully with readers—it makes the books transportive. Gabaldon, who is really fun to talk to, is extremely articulate and strongly opinionated (a bit like Jamie Fraser!) and has mastered a writing style that propels—no, hurtles—readers forward. It immerses them squarely in a sensual world of her creation, and it turns out that is exactly what Gabaldon is going after. “I start with a kernel—an object, a vivid image, a line of dialogue—and I’ll write down a line or two that attempts to capture where that was. Writing immersively is a matter of technique but also seeing what’s there that’s having a sensory effect,” she says. “If you use any three or more of the five senses in a scene, that scene will become three-dimensional, and readers will feel like they’re in there. Most new writers use sight and sound, but not touch and smell.”

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NEW Pic of Diana Gabaldon with Meredith Vieira and Arthur Kade   1 comment

Here is a NEW Pic of Diana Gabaldon with Meredith Vieira and Arthur Kade


NEW Interview with Diana Gabaldon from Parade Magazine   1 comment

Here is a NEW Interview with Diana Gabaldon from Parade Magazine

From Parade :

When Diana Gabaldon sat down to write Outlander, it was initially supposed to be a practice novel, but the accolades from the people she allowed to read bits and pieces of it were so positive, it became her first release.

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NEW Video of Diana Gabaldon from PBS’s “The Great American Reads”   2 comments

Here is a NEW Video of Diana Gabaldon from PBS’s “The Great American Reads”

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