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NEW Interview With Diana Gabaldon from Parade   1 comment

Here is a NEW Interview with Diana Gabaldon from Parade

From Parade:

It was a death that had to happen, but one which added a great deal of poignancy to Sunday night’s episode of Outlander season 5. Jamie Fraser’s (Sam Heughan) godfather Murtagh Fitzgibbons (Duncan Lacroix) was killed after saving Jamie’s life.

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*New* Diana Gabaldon Talks About Outlander With The Fayetteville Observer   Leave a comment

From The Fayetteville Observers: 

Let’s jump right in with River Run. The area around what is now Fayetteville wasn’t exactly oozing with plantation homes at this time. But according to Fayetteville historian Bruce Daws, a 1775 map does show two large plantations near where Rockfish Creek flows into the Cape Fear. Why did you decide to put Jacosta’s plantation right outside Cross Creek?

There were Scottish settlers all along the edge of the Cape Fear because that’s where they went – those who were not already settled along the coast from the earlier immigration wave of 1730 and so forth.

They came because they had kin there. But they pushed on up into the mountains in order to find their own land and make their own way.

The Cape Fear, as you know, is only really navigable as far as Cross Creek. So I thought, well, for convenience that’s reasonable. It was conceivable that there could be a large plantation there.

Jocasta was not the type who would be pushing further into the Piedmont?

No. Jocasta and her husband were very wealthy when they came to the colonies. They weren’t struggling. They bought their land and a large number of slaves and proceeded to make more money by running it.

What’s your favorite part of her plantation?

Let’s see. You mean the TV set?

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*New* Diana Gabaldon’s Interview With Parade Magazine   1 comment

From Parade Magazine

in Outlander Season 5 episode 3, entitled “Free Will,” Jamie is called upon to take a man’s life, and being an honorable, religious man, he has doubts.

“That’s a truly good episode throughout, and I love (in a purely emotional, appreciation of humanity and artistry kind of way, rather than a cheering on the extermination of a sub-par specimen of humanity sort of way) the [euthanasia scene],” Outlander author Diana Gabaldon tells exclusively. “Euthanasia is (luckily) a fairly minor part of most people’s daily thoughts, let alone their experience. And yet, life being what it is, we do have to deal with the messiness that attends both ends of life.”

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*New* Pic of Diana Gabaldon   1 comment

Here’s a new pic of Diana Gabaldon 

Source: Diana Gabaldon’s Facebook 

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NEW Full Video of The Outlander Panel from New York Comic Con   2 comments

Here is a the FULL Video of The Outlander Panel from New York Comic Con

NEW Fan/Media Pics of Diana Gabaldon at New York Comic Con – 10/6   1 comment

Here are NEW Fan/Media Pics of Diana Gabaldon at New York Comic Con – 10/6

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