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New Clip From 2×01 of Men in Kilts 2 – ‘Sam’s Call to Graham’    1 comment

New clip from 2×01 of Men in Kilts 2 ‘Sam’s Call to Graham’ 

UHQ Stills From Men In Kilts 2 Episode 1   1 comment

Here are some new UHQ stills from Men in Kilts 2. 


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Maril Davis Speaks About Outlander With RadioTimes   1 comment

From RadioTimes

It certainly seems as though all bets are off going forward in Outlander, according to series executive producer Maril Davis. Chatting exclusively to ahead of the mid-season finale, Davis spoke about her reaction to the season 7 part 1 finale, saying: “I mean, I loved it.”

She continued: “Obviously with Brianna, Roger and Buck, leaving their story in a really devastating moment. There’s nothing worse than thinking, I’m sure, that your kid is somewhere else in a different time period – it’s really horrifying. I think it’s just a great way to wrap up the mid-season finale and leave people wondering what will happen.

“And it’s true, all bets are off in some ways. We’re heading into our last season and anything can happen.”


But will Roger and Bri be able to get their child back? We’ll have to wait and see if the finale solves that question, but we do know that series star Sophie Skelton also previously exclusively revealed to that Outlander fans are in for a “tough ride” this season – and she’s not wrong.

She said: “That’s one thing I think we’re really priding ourselves on now for Outlander and really leaning into it – the storylines aren’t necessarily the expected ones.”

“So, whether you’ve read the books or not, you’re all on a level playing field. We’re gonna play with your emotions and take you on a bit of rollercoaster ride. So everyone’s in the same boat. You’re in for a rough ride.”


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New Clip of Maria Doyle Kennedy Singing   Leave a comment

New clip of Maria Doyle Kennedy singing

Source: World Design IG Story / Maria Doyle Kennedy IG Story

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New Photo of César Domboy   Leave a comment

New photo of César Domboy

Source: César Domboy IG

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New Photo of Blake Johnston Miller and Rosa Morris   Leave a comment

New photo of Blake Johnston Miller and Rosa Morris. Blake and Rosa play Jemmy and Mandy in Outlander Season 7

Source: Blake Johnston Miller Insta Story

New Anniversary Clip Celebrating Nine Years of Outlander   Leave a comment

New clip from Outlander celebrating 9 years of being on the air

New Photos of Izzy Meikle-Small   Leave a comment

New photos of Izzy Meikle-Small from her interview in Town&Country. Izzy plays Rachel Hunter on Outlander

David Reiss

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Izzy Meikle-Small Discusses Outlander, Rachel, and Meeting Diana Gabaldon   1 comment

Izzy Meikle-Small opened up to Town&Country to chat about Rachel’s love triangle, meeting Diana Gabaldon, and all things Outlander

From Town&Country:

Outlander’s Izzy Meikle-Small didn’t make an ideal first impression on Diana Gabaldon.

“I met Diana on maybe my third or fourth week of filming, and I didn’t know she was going to be there,” Meikle-Small, who joins the cast of Starz’s popular time-travel drama in season seven as Rachel Hunter, says of her introduction to the woman whose books inspired the TV series.

“It was such a funny day. We all really had the giggles because we were doing this scene where we were in this loch and me, Sam [Heughan], and Cat [Caitriona Balfe] were in a boat that was pushing off because we were escaping. It was really high stakes,” she says over Zoom in late June, describing a scene from earlier this season in the episode “Singapore,” in which British soldiers are coming to attack Fort Ticonderoga, forcing the Continental Army to flee.

“They put us in the shallowest part of the loch, but the boat was too heavy and Sam couldn’t push the boat away. So every time we did the take, Sam would jump in and heroically try and push us off, and he would just be grounded every time,” Meikle-Small continues. “I realized that Diana had been watching this whole time and we were so embarrassed ’cause I felt like I just spent the whole day laughing. But she was very sweet and said that I was what she imagined for Rachel, which is obviously the nicest thing to hear.”

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Outlander Midseason Finale First Look: ‘Claire Worries About Jamie Returning to the Battlefield’   1 comment

Click here or on the screenshot above to watch the clip.

From TVInsider:

Outlander‘s midseason 7 finale is nearly here, but before the episode, “Turning Points,” arrives on August 11, we’re giving Sassenachs their first look at the epic installment with an exclusive sneak peek clip which sees Claire (Caitriona Balfe) worrying about Jamie’s (Sam Heughan) potential battlefield return.

In the scene, above, Claire sits with her nephew, Ian (John Bell) and they discuss the ongoing war. She shares as much information as she knows about the American Revolution and what needs to occur in order for the rebel cause to move forward.

As they come to terms with the outcome of the First Battle of Saratoga, Ian asks Claire, “There’s going to be another battle, isn’t there?”

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