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Photos of Richard Rankin With Fans at The Fergus Scottish Festival & Highland Games Today   1 comment

Here are photos of Richard Rankin with fans at The Fergus Scottish Festival & Highland Games Today. 

We’ll update if we get more. 

@sld_dm on Twitter

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New Videos of Charles Vandervaart and Richard Rankin at The Fergus Scottish Festival & Highland Games Today   1 comment

Here are new videos of Charles Vandervaart and Richard Rankin at The Fergus Scottish Festival & Highland Games Today. 

The first video belongs to sld_dm on twitter, who gave up permission to post. 

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NEW Still of Jamie Fraser   Leave a comment

NEW Still of Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser


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New Clip For Episode 7×08 of Outlander – Clip Titled ‘Jemmy’s Kidnapping’   2 comments

Here’s a new clip from episode 7×08 of Outlander. The clip is titled ‘Jemmy’s Kidnapping’ 

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New Video: Outlander Insider With Maril Davis for Hello Magazine   1 comment

New video with Maril Davis for Hello Magazine on the mid-season finale and why the show made major changes to Jamie

New Video: Richard Rankin for The Grand at 101   Leave a comment

Richard Rankin for The Grand at 101 ahead of  the Fergus Scottish Festival

From the Grand at 101:

FERGUS – Scottish Actor, Richard Rankin stopped by The Grand at 101 Friday morning ahead of this year’s Fergus Scottish Festival.

Rankin will be one of two featured guests at the festival. The other is Canadian-actor Charles Vandervaart.

Rankin is best known as an actor, singer, and photographer.

Watch the full Richard Rankin interview below with Billie & Friends.

Note: Due to the Hollywood Strike Actors are not able to talk about current shows they are apart of.

The 2023 Fergus Scottish Festival takes place August 11 – 13th and will feature the four pillars: Heavy Events, Highland Dance, Clans & Heritage, and Pipes & Drums.

See full article here. Video after the jump.

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New Photos From Alex Vlahos   Leave a comment

Alex Vlahos on Threads: “Tomorrow an evening with…Me! The end of my directing short film chapter”

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Maril Davis Speaks to Parade On The Emotional Drama Of Episode 7×08   3 comments

Outlander Executive Producer Maril Davis for Parade Magazine on Episode 7×08: Turning Points

From Parade:

Today’s episode of Outlander marks the mid-season finale, but it is also the last episode of 2023—the Droughtlander begins—until the second half of Season 7 airs in 2024. But the good news is that it is brimming with goodies that includes all our main characters—Jamie (Sam Heughan), Claire (Caitríona Balfe), Brianna (Sophie Skelton), Roger (Richard Rankin), Young Ian (John Bell) and William (Charles Vandervaart).

“The Jamie and Claire storyline isn’t so much a cliffhanger as it’s a start of a next chapter, and it leaves them, I think, in a good place,” executive producer Maril Davis tells Parade in this exclusive interview about the mid-season finale. “Whereas Brianna and Roger is more of a cliffhanger. We don’t know what will happen with their son Jemmy’s storyline in the second half of the season. I’m so excited for people to see that back half, because you know the first half was so good, but the back half is, in my mind, even better.”

The decision to greenlight an eighth season of Outlander hadn’t been made when the producers and writers were putting together Season 7 —which was supersized to 16 episodes after season 6 had to be shortened due to COVID—but a lot of thought and consideration went into the season in case it turned out to be the final one.

“This season just came together so magically,” Davis continues. “Part of it was we were all back together and that felt really wonderful. But also, this season is so jampacked because going into it and not realizing that there was going to be an eighth season, thinking it could potentially be our last, we just were like, ‘OK, let’s use all the material we have left and try to just get everything in.’

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Maril Davis Speaks About Season 7 Part 2 With DigitalSpy   1 comment

From DigitalSpy

This season started with elements from book six, A Breath Of Snow And Ashes. Where does it end up?

Going into this season, we didn’t know if it would be our last. So we were like, let’s put it all in there. So they [the writers] took the last part of book six, then seven and the eighth. And they smushed it all together and I think they did such an amazing job grabbing all the high moments but still making it a cohesive season.

And it’s so exciting. But the second half is even more exciting – it’s like the second half does not give you time to breathe. There are so many ups and down for everyone and so many life moments. I can’t even put it into words – the second half is going to be even crazier than the first.

After the second half of season seven, due next year, there is one more season to go. What will that cover?

We’ve condensed quite a lot of material this time and it’s really worked. So the last season will be mostly book nine or whatever – maybe things we’ve left out that we feel can make a cohesive story for the last season.

Is it hard to plan the end of the series because Diana Gabaldon is still writing Outlander novels (she’s working on book ten)?

Matt [showrunner Matt Roberts] and I have had conversations with Diana, just kind of feeling her out about the last season and some ideas of what we’re thinking. Obviously we don’t want to step on her toes, we want to be respectful.

She’s been so kind and open and giving with her book series and her love of what we’ve been doing and we want to share that respect. Certainly, we don’t want to do something in the show that maybe she hasn’t done in the books yet, or is planning to do but obviously it’s always a little difficult to wrap up a series before the books have ended.

Can you say anything about how Outlander will end at the end of season eight?

We want a satisfying ending for the show and for the fans and to leave them feeling like, ‘Okay, it’s really sad but we’re satisfied with how this ended.’ So there’s a lot of pressure and we have been talking to Diana and will continue to do so and will tell her our ending – we want to make sure she’s happy as well.

Read the full interview here

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180+HQ Screencaps From the Preview of Part Two of Season 7 of Outlander   2 comments

Here are 180+ HQ Screencaps from the preview of the second part of Season 7 of Outlander, that we made for you. Hope you enjoy them! 

If you’re on mobile and you’re having issues seeing the full screencaps, scroll down to the very bottom of the post, below the comments and click “Exit Mobile site”. It will bring you to the regular version of the website. 



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