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New Video: John Bell Speaks About Outlander, TikTok Dances And Working With Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe   1 comment

Here’s a new video of John Bell speaking about Outlander, Tiktok Dances and working with Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe. 

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New: Joey Phillips’ Interview With ReVamp For Season 7 of Outlander   1 comment

From ReVamp

I’d love to begin this interview by asking about your recent involvement in the next season of “Outlander” as ‘Denzell Hunter’. First of all, huge congratulations on the project!

Even though the series has such a well established and dedicated fan-base out there, there still are many people who aren’t aware of this show quite yet. I’m very curious to know if you yourself were familiar with “Outlander” prior to auditioning for the show or were you introduced to this amazing world and characters after you were offered the role? 

Oh thank you very much. I definitely knew of Outlander and what a phenomenon it is but I hadn’t actually seen it before I auditioned. It really is an amazing world to be a part of, from everyone who works on the show to all of the fans, so I’m very much enjoying being a part of this journey.

What was it like for you when you finally went on the set interacting with your cast mates for the first time as well as finally getting to portray Denzell? What were your initial impressions of the character as well as your overall experience like working on the project? 

I was pretty nervous the day before starting and wasn’t really sure of what to expect. But honestly from the moment I got on set every single person from the cast and crew were so lovely and welcoming, it felt very easy to slot into the team. I loved the character of Denzell from the moment I read the initial sides. He’s just the kindest, most loyal and protective man. He really cares about the world and the people in it and he carries a lot on his shoulders. Obviously the books and characters are so loved, so there was a bit of pressure bringing Denny to the screen and doing him and the story justice. But I couldn’t have had a better experience working on Outlander. Everyone really cares about the story we’re telling and there’s such a joy of spirit on set every day, it really is a dream team.

Read the full interview and see the photos here

New Video: David Berry, Charles Vandervaart and John Bell’s Interview With Fangirlish For Season 7 of Outlander   1 comment

Here’s a video of an interview David Berry, Charles Vandervaart and John Bell did with Fangirlish for season 7 of Outlander. 

New Video: Inside Episode 7×01 of Outlander “A Life Well Lost”   3 comments

Here’s a video from Inside Episode 7×01 of Outlander “A Life Well Lost” 

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