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New: Sophie Skelton, David Berry and Charles Vandervaart’s Interview With From Town & Country   1 comment

From T&C:

Given that author Diana Gabaldon started publishing her Outlander series in the early ’90s, there are certain scenes the fans have been waiting years to see on screen. One such highly anticipated moment? Brianna and William’s first meeting, depicted in this week’s episode.

“There’s been a huge fan expectation for this moment. Of course, it’s the first time that we see an adult William. For audiences, it’s Charles’s big introduction into the series,” explains David Berry, who plays William’s adoptive father Lord John Grey on the series. [ed note: Charles Vandervaart joins the cast in season seven, playing the adult version of William.]

“So we bring the weight of that, and the fan expectation, and then there are layers to everyone’s dynamics and their relationships within that scene.” Of course, fans of the book and the show alike know that William is Jamie’s son (kudos to the casting director; the resemblance is uncanny), but he remains oblivious, and while he thinks he’s meeting a sort of distant family friend in Brianna, Brianna, Lord John, and Jamie, who is watching the interaction unfold from afar, are all aware that it’s far more significant than that.

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Trailer For Episode 7×03 of Outlander “Death Be Not Proud”   2 comments

Here’s the trailer for episode 7×03 of Outlander “Death Be Not Proud” 

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New: BTS Pic and Video From Maril Davis of Episode 7×02 of Outlander   1 comment

Here is a new pic and video from Maril Davis, from the set of episode 7×02 of Outlander. 


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New: Matt B. Robert’s Podcast On Episode 7×01 of Outlander   1 comment

Click here or on the screencap above to hear Matt B. Roberts speak about episode 7×01 of Outlander. 

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New: Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin’s Interview With Insider Regarding Episode 7×02 of Outlander   1 comment


From Insider

By the end of the episode, Brianna and Roger have made the heart-wrenching decision to take their young family and return through the stones to their own time period, something Skelton and Rankin told Insider they think is a pretty final decision.

Skelton said that in her mind, it could well be the last time Brianna sees her mother and father. She said she played the scene in which they exchange final words at the stone circle in Ocracoke that way.

“With Mandy’s heart issue, they’re not going to want to bring her back,” she explained. “And then there’s the safety of them being in that time with the American Revolution around the corner.”

“What parents would voluntarily thrust their children into that scenario? I think it’s a very final farewell for sure.”

However, her costar and onscreen husband Rankin said that he at least thinks “there’s maybe a glimmer of hope” that the Fraser’s Ridge foursome could be reunited again in the future, though it’s not something Brianna and Roger will be considering any time soon.

“I don’t think they can entertain the idea that they can just commute with Jemmy and Mandy,” he reasoned, since traveling through the stones is “supposed to be a pretty horrific experience.”

“It’s not necessarily one you can guarantee the outcome of either,” he mused.

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NEW Stills From Episode 7×02 of Outlander “The Happiest Place On Earth”   2 comments

Here are NEW Stills from episode 7×02 of Outlander “The Happiest Place on Earth”

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New Video: Inside Outlander With Sam Heughan – TV Insider   2 comments

Here’s a new video of an interview Sam Heughan did with TV insider for Season 7 of Outlander. 

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New: Maril Davis’ Interview With Glamour Regarding Episode 7×02 of Outlander   Leave a comment

Here’s a new interview Maril Davis did with Glamour Regarding episode 7×02 of Outlander

From Glamour

Glamour: That was the most emotional episode I’ve seen in awhile, and also one of my favorites.

Maril Davis: Well, I cry every time I watch that goodbye scene [at the Stones], and I’ve seen it 20 times. I just think there’s something so sad about it as a mom to be sending your daughter back through. And then also, I think the complicated thing about that scene was there was a lot of goodbyes. Do you know what I mean? You had Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. Bye bye. And then I think actors and director and the writers all figured out a way to make it kind of seamless and so heartfelt.

When Jamie says goodbye to Jemmy and has that iconic line about, “If you see a mouse named, Michael, tell him I say hi.” But my favorite, favorite line from that scene that I’m so glad made it in is when Jamie at the end declares something to the effect of, “If not for you, I would not go on.” And that to me encapsulates their whole relationship. It’s like I’ve just sent my kid and my grandkids through. I do not think I can make it except for you. That’s the only reason I’m still alive. And I’m just like, oh my God, I just want to cry.


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New: Sam Heughan’s Interview With Parade Magazine Regarding Jamie Fraser In Season 7 of Outlander   2 comments

From Parade

Claire’s (Caitríona Balfe) penchant for ether as a means of escaping her PTSD was just one of the secrets that meant that Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire didn’t have the best relationship in season 6 of Outlander, and their road was made even more rocky when Claire didn’t immediately tell Jamie she believed him (the scene in the barn) when Malva (Jessica Reynolds) accused him of siring her unborn child.

But by the end of the season, they had worked to overcome the tension caused by the secrets they were keeping, and they were on the road to revisiting the closeness of their relationship when Claire was arrested for Malva’s murder.

“They both needed to speak more and to touch base,” Sam told Parade in an interview. “Their relationship, I think, it’s paramount. It’s the most important thing. This season they realize that life isn’t worth living without the other. We’ve known that for a while now, but certainly this season it feels even more paramount that they have to fight to stay together.”


“Jamie has gone from being a young warrior to a leader of men,” Sam continues. “And later on this season, I guess without giving it away, even becomes a general or certainly in charge of a great number of people. Responsibility weighs very heavy on him. But it’s actually Claire that always supports him in her own way. They both go to war together in different capacities, but that’s how they complement each other.”

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New: Maril Davis and John Bell’s Interview With Entertainment Weekly Regarding Episode 7×02 of Outlander   2 comments

From EW:

Outlander has long been rife with sexual violence, but Allan’s sins may top them all. “The only good thing I could say about Allan is he loved his sister,” says executive producer Maril Davis. “Loved her in the wrong way, obviously, and then killed her, which was horrible. I can’t help but feel a little bad for him that he had a rough childhood and was the product of his environment a little. But there’s not too much you could say about Allan’s good.”

That’s not the only twist related to Allan. After Claire attempts to stop him from killing himself, Ian (John Bell) shoots him dead with an arrow. Claire is shocked by it, having wanted Allan to survive because of the sacrifices Tom made to protect his son. But she helps Ian bury the body in the woods.

“Ian was just taking out the trash,” Bell says of Ian’s swift and decisive action. “He was doing what needed to be done. He has no time to mince words. Ian had a relationship with Malva, he’s loyal to anyone that he’s close with or has loved. So, there was only one thing he could do in that moment, and that was release that arrow.”

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