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NEW HQ Pics of Sophie Skelton at the Launch Event of ‘Bloom’   Leave a comment

Here are NEW HQ Pics of Sophie Skelton at the Launch Event of ‘Bloom’

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New Pic of Sam Heughan From The Couple Next Door   Leave a comment

Here’s a new pic of Sam Heughan on the set of The Couple Next Door. 

Photo of Outlander Actor Sam Heughan on the set of The Couple Next Door


Source: Thedavidovitch on IG 

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New Youtube Video: Which Outlander Cast Member is Most Likely To Cry While Watching a Movie   1 comment

Here’s a new Youtube video of the Outlander cast answering the question of “Who’s Most Likely to Cry While Watching a Movie” 

New Pic and Video of Outlander’s Sophie Skelton   Leave a comment

Here’s a new pic and a new video of Outlander’s Sophie Skelton. 


Photo of Outlander Actor Sophie Skelton


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*New* 550+ HQ Screencaps From the Trailer of Season 7 of Outlander   1 comment

Here are 500+HQ Screencaps for the trailer of season 7 of Outlander, that we made for you all. I had made some before but wasn’t satisfied with the quality. Hopefully these are better. 

***If you use them, please source and link back to the site***

Click to make bigger 


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GIVEAWAY! We’re Giving Away a $399 Ticket to KiCaSS Con in Salem, Massachusetts – July 6-9, 2023   41 comments

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In collaboration with KiCaSS Events, we’re giving away a General admission ticket to their convention in Salem, Massachusetts from July 6th to the 9th. John Bell, Lauren Lyle, Caitlin O’Ryan, Charles Vandervaart, Cesar Domboy, Rosie Day and Tom Brittney from Outlander will be present. 

The rules on how to enter are further below. 

It includes the following: 

Value – $399
The Warrior Ticket (Salem, Mass, USA July 6-9, 2023)

The Warrior ticket includes the following:

*Early registration event on Thursday, July 6, 4:00-6:00 p.m. Receive your registration credentials and meet your fellow attendees, take a tour of the hall, and enjoy a little nosh! There will be a cash bar available for soft drinks and alcoholic beverages;

*Full access to all panel discussions. There will be an opportunity for fans to ask questions during the panels:

*Participate in games and win prizes;

*Enjoy Complimentary Breakfast Buffet and Scrumptious Luncheons on Both Saturday and Sunday – Come hungry!;

*Snacks provided daily! FREE coffee bar all day! Full Service Bar available for purchasing other food and drink;

*Enjoy our unique marketplace filled with wonders from near and far!


How to enter: 

  1. Follow us on one of the following: Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (We will check); 
  2. Leave a comment below;
  3. That’s it! 

The giveaway will end on June 10th, at noon eastern time. One entry per person. 

We’ll be numbering the comments and choosing a winner using Your comment might not show right away as we need to moderate them.  


Outlander Season 7 Master Post – Everything You Need In One Post: Videos, Photos, Interviews, Events   2 comments

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Outlander Season 7 Master Post Banner

Here’s a master post where you’ll find everything from Outlander Season 7, so far. We’ll update this post as things come in, so keep checking back. All the upcoming events are at the bottom of this post. Events will each have their own categories once they happen and will be updated with links to videos, pics, etc… 

***For Older Events, Videos & Interviews Scroll Down***

Updated list of The Cast’s Social Media Accounts

Season 7:

Season 7 Trailers & Videos post-season 7 release: Season 7 Preview | HQ Screencaps from the Season 7 Preview |

Episode 7×01 A Life Well Lost: MQ Stills | MQ Stills Part II | MQ Stills Part III  HQ Stills | More HQ Stills | HQ Screencaps | Clip of Jamie & Claire’s Reunion | Inside Episode 7×01 of Outlander |  Caitriona’s interview with TV Insider | David Berry (SheKnows) | Diana Gabaldon (Parade Magazine) |Sam & Cait (TV Guide) | Jamie Confronts Richard Clip  | BTS Pics | Mark David Jones (TV Insider) | Matt B. Robert’s Podcast on episode 7×01

Episode 7×02 The Happiest Place on EarthTrailer | Trailer Screencaps | MQ Stills |  UHQ Stills | More UHQ Stills |  HQ Screencaps | BTS Pics of Alexander & Jessica | Clip Brianna Meets William | Clip Severe All Connections | Sam, Cait, Sophie & Richard (Variety) | Maril Davis (Entertainment Weekly) | Sam Heughan (Parade)  | Inside Outlander With Sam (TV Insider)  | Sophie & Richard (Insider) | BTS With Maril Davis  | Sophie, David & Charles (Town & Country) | Sam & Cait (Glamour) | Diana (Parade Mag) | David (TV Line) | BTS Photos | Insider Episode 7×02 Video | Short Clips | David Berry (TV Insider)  | Inside episode 7×02 | Matt B. Robert’s podcast on episode 7×02

Episode 7×03 Death Be Not Proud Trailer | Trailer Screencaps | UHQ Stills | More UHQ Stills | HQ Screeencaps | MQ Stills | MQ Stills Part II | BTS Pic of Sophie and Richard | BTS Pics |  Sophie, Maril & Trisha (Elle) | Maril Davis (Parade) | Sophie & Rik (The Mary Sue) | Sophie & Rik (TV Insider) | Caitriona (Decider)  | John Bell (EW) | Cait & Sam (Insider) | Diana (Parade) | Hugh Ross (Parade) | John Bell (Flip Your Wig) | Cait (Digital Spy)  | Ave Maria Clip | Lallybroch Clip | Goodbye Adso Clip | Cait & Sam (Collider) | Sophie & Richard (Collider) | IG Live with David & Charles | Inside Episode 7×03 video  | Cait & Sam (T&C) | Cast (Global News)| John Bell (TV Line) | A Life For A Life Clip | Cait & Sam (Colorado & Co) | BTS Video of the Big House Burning with Sam | BTS Photos and videos | Official Podcast for episode 7×03 | BTS Photo of Sophie & Richard

Episode 7×04 A Most Uncomfortable WomanTrailer | Trailer Screencaps | UHQ Stills | More UHQ Stills | HQ ScreencapsJamie Stills | ‘The Auld Crone’ Clip | Charles Vandervaart (Hello Mag) + New Clip| ‘Brianna’s Job Interview’ Clip  | Charles (Digital Spy) | Charles & John (Variety)  | Mark Lewis Jones (TV Fanatics) | Diana Gabaldon (Parade) | Izzy & Joey (Insider) | Charles (Hello!) | Charles, David & John (TV Insider) | Mark, Cait & Sam (TV Line) | ‘Dangerous to Bed You’ | Inside Episode 7×04 of Outlander with the cast  | Sophie & Richard (Digital Spy)  | BTS of Sam Heughan | Charles (Flip Your Wig) | BTS Pics  | BTS video of Caitriona and Mark Lewis Jones | BTS of Charles | Mark Lewis Jones (TV Insider)  | BTS of Lallybroch With Sophie & Richard | Official Podcast for episode 7×04

Episode 7×05 SingaporeTrailer | Trailer Screencaps | UHQ Stills | UHQ Stills Part II | HQ Screencaps | Sugar Loaf Hill Clip | BTS Photo of Chris Fulton I Offer My Protection Clip | Inside Episode 7×05 of Outlander With Joey & Izzy  | Sophie & Richard (Decider) | MQ Stills  | Joey & Izzy (Parade) | BTS Charles, Izzy & Joey | Izzy & Joey (UPI) | Diana (Parade) | Joey (Flip Your Wig)  | Inside Episode 7×05 | Brianna & Roger Stills | Inside Episode 7×05 | Meet Chris Fulton |

Episode 7×06 Where the Waters MeetTrailer | Trailer Screencaps | UHQ Stills | UHQ Stills Part II | HQ Screencaps | Rollo Clip | Roger Singing Clip  | Charles (Parade Magazine)  | Sophie, Richard & Maril (Insider) | Diana (Parade) | Video of Caitriona & Joey | Inside Episode 7×06 | Claire’s Rescue Clip | Claire Meets William Clip | BTS Photos | Tell Me About My Son Clip | |

Episode 7×07 A Practical Guide for Time-TravelersTrailer | Trailer Screencaps | UHQ Stills | UHQ Stills Part II | HQ Screencaps | You Need Spectacles to Read ClipBrianna & Roger Clip | Kiss Me Claire Clip | Diana Gabaldon (Parade)  | Inside Episode 7×07 | Bree the OG Badass Clip | BTS with Sophie & Diarmaid | BTS Pics | More BTS Pics | Matt & Maril (Emmy) | Turns Out Buck Was Right Clip | Jamie & William Highlander Battle Cry | ‘You’ll Come Back To Me’ Clip  | Charles (Insider) | Diana on the set of Outlander | William’s First Battle Clip | Ending cliffhanger clip | BTS with Richard & Chris | Maril (RadioTimes) | Izzy (Town & Country | Maril (Glamour) | Maril (Flip Your Wig)  | Images From Inside 7×07 | | |

Episode 7×08 Turning PointsTrailer | Trailer Screencaps | UHQ Stills | UHQ Stills Part II | HQ Screencaps | ‘Patients’ Clip | Jemmy’s Kidnapping clipMaril (Parade)  | Maril (Hello Magazine) | Maril (Digital Spy) | | | | | |

Season 7 – Part 2: Preview | HQ Preview Screencaps || | | |

Other: Stills of Jamie & Claire (June 21st.) | Lily Jane Rose Cast as Jane Pocock | | | |


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New Pics of David Berry Taken by Photographer Johnny Diaz Nicolaidis (@JohnnyVision)   Leave a comment

Here are some new photoshoot pics of David Berry taken by photographer Johnny Diaz Nicolaidis. Thank you Johnny for giving us permission to post these. 


Photoshoot pics of David Berry

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