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NEW Photoshoot of Laura Donnelly for Amazing Magazine   Leave a comment

Here is a NEW Photoshoot of Laura Donnelly For Amazing Magazine

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New Video: The Cast of Outlander’s Interviews With Kyle Meredith   1 comment

Here’s a new video of the cast of Outlander’s interviews with Kyle Meredith. 

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New: Diana Gabaldon’s Interview With Parade Magazine Regarding Episode 7×02 of Outlander   1 comment

From Parade

New York Times bestselling author Diana Gabaldon shares with Parade that that doesn’t mean that Claire should feel guilty. She had been nothing but kind to the Christies, teaching Malva about medicine, and repairing Tom Christie’s (Mark Lewis Jones) hand so he didn’t lose the use of it.

“Well, I imagine she’d feel sick: not only are Malva and her child tragically dead, Tom Christie has just effectively given up his life to protect Claire from the accusation—and now she learns the truth about Malva’s death, which reveals Tom’s sacrifice (and presumed death) to have been the result of Allan’s lies,” Gabaldon says by way of explaining the plethora of emotions Claire is experiencing.

She continues, “So much carnage and loss. I think Claire feels that, along with the helplessness of not having been able to save any of the Christies, but honestly, I can’t see why she should feel guilty. Horrified and saddened, but while she’s been involved in all of this, she’s not actually responsible for any of it, and as Jamie says, she’s done no wrong to take her life from Tom’s hand.”

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New: Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan React To Episode 7×02 of Outlander – Glamour   1 comment

From Glamour


At least we then get a little montage of things going well at the Ridge. However, there’s too much time left in this episode for it to end on this uplifting note. Soon enough, Claire enters into the main house at night where she stumbles upon fellow time-traveler, Wendigo Donner. Claire wants to know what he is doing there and questions where he was when she needed his help before she was gang-raped. He says he would have been killed had he tried to intervene, but he’s not there to talk about the past. Instead, he wants to get back to the present day and needs her help on how to travel through the Stones. She’s reluctant, but just wants him out of her life, so she advises him to focus, have a clear conscience, don’t drink, etc. But this being Outlander, he then pulls out a pistol and asks for more gemstones. He and his men (who had also been holding Jamie in another room) start ripping apart the house, including Claire’s lab. While I love this entire house, it’s the demolition of Claire’s hard work developing ether and all that’s in her lab that leaves me the most devastated. But then it gets worse; Wendigo lights a match so he and his men can have more light to find the gemstones, but the fire from the match comes in contact with the ether, and the episode ends with the house blowing up.

“That was a really emotional, in part because it comes on the heels of losing Bree and Roger and the kids,” Caítríona Balfe (Claire) tells Glamour. “I think for Claire, she was trying to hold everything in and be the strong person who’s let them go for a really good reason…but it’s this thing of just losing your home [that breaks her]. It is such a destabilizing thing.”

The house going up in flames means it was also the end of a massive—and important—set piece that’s been part of Outlander for several seasons now. “We were saying goodbye to that place, the location that had been our home for the last couple of years,” Sam Heughan (Jamie) adds. “It holds a lot of memories for Jamie and Claire.”

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