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NEW BTS Pic From The Set of Outlander   1 comment

NEW BTS Pics from the set of Outlander

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NEW Pics of Caitlin O’Ryan   Leave a comment

Here are NEW Pics of Caitlin O’Ryan

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New Video of Outlander’s John Bell on Sparks Sessions By STARZ Takes The Lead   Leave a comment

Here’s a new video of Outlander’s John Bell on Sparks Session by STARZ Takes The Lead. 

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New Video: Sam Heughan Discusses Outlander With El Periódico   1 comment

Click on the screencap above or here to watch.

The questions are in Spanish but Sam answers in English. You can also read the Spanish transcript here.

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New: Diana Gabaldon’s Discusses Her Personal Life and Outlander In An Interview With Press & Journal   1 comment

From Press & Journal:

How Outlander writer Diana Gabaldon fell for a red-headed French horn player

Diana, now 71, smiles: “I was engaged to a nice young man when I was in college.

“About six months after we became engaged, I walked into the first day of marching band practice and sat down next to this tall, red-headed French horn player.

“At the end of that practice, I gave my fiance back his ring. I have been married to that French horn player for the last 51 years.”

Her Mr Right – Doug Watkins, with whom she has three grown-up children and two grandchildren – now finds his words dropping into the novels and scripts she writes for the TV series.

She smiles: “At the end of the fifth book, The Fiery Cross, Jamie says, ‘When I die, if my last words aren’t I love you, it’s because I didn’t have time’. This is something my husband said to me one morning.”

The writer was 36 when she began writing Outlander. “I love science and I am good at it,” says the former university professor. “But I knew from the age of eight I was meant to be a novelist. I also realised that it was an uncertain way to make a living.

“Both my parents grew up in the Depression and were very frugal, and so I didn’t tell them or my husband. I had two full-time jobs and three small children. He would have tried to stop me because he would fear I’d drop dead from exhaustion. But I was 35 and I knew if I didn’t write it then, I might never do it. It was to be a practice book, not for publication.”


She says: “The moment I saw Scotland I felt that it was home. Having visited for
35 years I have a special feeling in my heart for the country and the Highlands. The history is amazing. Scotland is multi-faceted, it is like looking into a diamond.”

And while the country will always remain with her, the lovers who made her famous may not. The eighth season in the TV series will likely be the last she says, as may the 10th book featuring Jamie and Claire. “I am intending it to be the final one so that I can bring the series to a satisfying conclusion.”

And then, with a tantalising grin, she adds: “I wrote Outlander for practice. As I got to the third book in the three-book contract, I surprised the agent when I called to say, ‘I am afraid there is a fourth book’. So, perhaps the 10th may not be the last…”

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New: David Berry’s Interview With TV Insider Regarding Jamie Fraser and Lord John Grey’s Relationship In Season 7 of Outlander   2 comments

From TV Insider


“Lord John and Jamie find themselves on opposite sides of the war,” the actor notes. Lord John’s a loyalist, and Jamie is a rebel. These two have come to a point in their relationship where it’s pretty much untenable.” While they part ways in the episode with positivity as Lord John lends Jamie the sapphire he wore for Brianna (Sophie Skelton), there’s some hardship ahead it would seem.

“There’s gonna be a fracturing in their relationship to the point it’s really gonna test that love and that friendship, certainly for Lord John,” Berry continues. “And as things progress, [you’re] gonna see that relationship deteriorate even further to the point where maybe they become enemies, who knows?” Berry says with a teasing tone.

“When they’re on different sides of the war we can only expect that they’re gonna come to heads at some point,” Berry says plainly.

In between their line is William who is still unaware that Jamie is his biological father as Lord John has raised him for the past two decades. “Jamie and Lord John basically have this William character to contend with in every scene and his secret,” Berry confirms. “And anytime William comes to a scene, I say he’s a ticking time bomb.”

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