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*NEW* LQ Promo Video For Outlander Episode 1×10 – By the Pricking of My Thumb   1 comment

Here’s a LQ promo video from Outlander Episode 1×10 – By the Pricking of My Thumb. 

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*New* Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe’s Interview with Yahoo TV – SPOILERS   2 comments



From Yahoo TV:


Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) was thrilled to learn that his Highlander would be (bag)piping up in voice-over. “I remember getting that script and seeing that it opened with Jamie’s thoughts and having a really interesting conversation with the writers about where he’s narrating it from. Is it in the moment? Is it in the future? Has he already made the choices that made him a man?” Heughan says. “The change also increases the stories that can be told. You see a lot more of where he’s coming from and less that he’s just this Highlander. You see a lot more of the chinks in his armor, his relationship to his sister, and his personal relationship with his father,” he continues. “We aren’t limited to seeing what Claire is experiencing or witnessing. That is fine when we are together and the stories are interlinked, but we’re separated towards the last couple of episodes. Now you follow both timelines, and see where they go and how they’re both trying desperately to get back to each other. You get to see first hand the hells they are both put through at the end of the season.”

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*New* Pics of Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe Live Tweeting Episode 1×09 – The Reckoning   3 comments

Here are some pics of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe live tweeting episode 1×09 of Outlander, The Reckoning.


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*New* Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe’s Interview With the Wall Street Journal *SPOILERS*   2 comments



From The Wall Street Journal

Sam, unlike the rest of the series, which is told from Claire’s point of view, the mid-season premiere is told from Jamie’s. When you found out that was the plan, were you excited? Scared? Did you go, “Finally!”?

Sam Heughan: My days off have gone now!

Caitriona Balfe: [Laughs] Now you get to experience what I was going through…

SH: Yeah, she gets one day, one day off. No, it was really exciting. It was a thrill to get that opportunity, and it felt great as well because up until that point, Jamie’s kind of on the peripheral. I mean, he’s there and he tells you stuff about him, but you don’t really get to know an awful lot, so, it was great to get that opportunity to see more of his past and what he has to go through to get to rescue Claire, and then out of that, what comes, you know, the corporal punishment scenes, and it’s all important stuff and very telling for the character.

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Channel Guide Magazine: “Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe talk punishment” *SPOILERS*   1 comment



From Channel Guide Magazine


Balfe recalls shooting the scene describing it as very difficult. “We knew coming up to it and we talked a lot about it. We didn’t want to be flippant about it. It’s important to realize that, in the context of 1743, this is something that was done without a second thought and was very normal.

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THR: ‘Outlander’s Sam Heughan Explains Jamie’s Point of View, “Unsettling” Sex Scenes’ *SPOILERS*   1 comment


From THR

The second part of the season really digs into the relationships and the tests and challenges they face,” he tells THR.

[Warning: This story contains spoilers ahead from Saturday’sOutlander episode, “The Reckoning.”]

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Travel & Leisure’s Interview With Sam Heughan   1 comment


From Travel & Leisure:

What’s been your favorite location to film in Scotland?
We filmed a lot of scenes round and about this small village called Kinloch Rannoch. That’s where we shoot the standing stones—called Craigh na Dun in the show. At the center is Loch Rannoch (that’s Lake Rannoch for non-Gaelic speakers), and at the other end is a mountain called Schiehallion, which they call the mountain of the fairies. It’s this beautiful peak that looks quite iconic.

We shot there last year on my birthday, and I was very lucky to have the following day off. Everyone else was filming, but I managed to sneak off and climb up the top of the mountain. The view was just incredible. It was so dramatic; everything was still covered in snow. There’s lots of wildlife—pheasants, grouse, wild deer, sometimes you see stags. It’s just a very magical place.

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