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Here’s a master post where you’ll find everything from Outlander Season 4, Drums of Autumn, so far. We’ll update this post as things come in, so keep checking back. All the upcoming events are at the bottom of this post. Events will each have their own categories once they happen and will be updated with links to videos, pics, etc… This post can also be found at the top of the site, in the menu bar. 

We’ve also included the events Sam will be attending for “The Spy Who Dumped Me” as we know many of you are following those. 

General Season 4 Promo/Updates:

Casting: Stephen Bonnet | Aunt Jocasta | UlyssesGerald Forbes | Lizzie WemyssPhaedreGovernor William Tryon | Gayle | |  
Pics:  | | 
Season 4 Trailers:  Short Trailer | Season 4 Official teaser trailer (July 30)Season 4 Official Teaser Trailer (Subtitled) | |
Screencaps: Screencaps from the Teaser Trailer | Screencaps from the Official Season 4 teaser trailer (July 30) | More Screencaps from the teaser trailer Screencaps from the subtitled trailer | | 
Stills: All stills released as of May 29th | First Nations Still | Fergus Fraser Still | TV Guide stills of Jamie and Claire |  EW Stills of Young Ian and Rollo | Still of Jamie, Claire and Marsali | | | 
UHQ Stills:  UHQ stills as of May 29 | UHQ Stills Aug 7th |  |
BTS Pics:  EW Photoshoot BTS PicsCast BTS Pics as of May 29th | BTS Pic of Sam| BTS Pic of Sam & Cait | BTS Pic of Sam & Cait | BTS Pic of Sam, Cait and Leanne | BTS of Caitriona (July 2) | BTS of John Bell (July 6) | Pic of Rollo | BTS Pic of Sam & Cait (July 27th) | BTS of Cesar (July 31st) | BTS Pic of Sam & Cait (Aug 7th) |  |
Pics of the Cast with Fans on Set: January 25th | January 28th | January 30th |  March 15th |May 28th | Videos from May 28th | |
Photoshoots:  EW (Sam and Cait) | | 
Various Videos: Season Greetings From Sam & Cait | Happy Valentine’s Day | World Outlander Day | Sam Speaking about Lord John, Brianna and Willie | Sam Speaking about the Villains of Season 4 | Season 4 Wrap From Sam & Cait | John Bell and Rollo | Fox Latin Promo | BTS With John Bell |
Interviews:  EW (Ron D. Moore & Maril Davis)  | Hollywood Reporter **MASSIVE SPOILER** (Ron D. Moore, Maril Davis, Matt Roberts) | TV Line (David Berry) | Digital Spy (Sam & Cait) | Brief Take (Sophie Skelton) | Gold Derby (Cait) | Collider (Diana Gabaldon) | WebMD (Sam Heughan) | Matt Roberts Q&A Part 1Matt Roberts Q&A Part 2 |  Purebreak (Sam)ET (Sam) | ET (Cait) | The Week (Sam) | Parade Magazine (Sam) | Elle Magazine (Sam) | Radio Times (Sam) | Diana (TCA) |


Outlander Season 4 Premieres on November 4th! 


Sam Doing Press For The Spy Who Dumped Me:

Pics: Press Pics (July 13th) | HQ Pics from the July 13th Press Junket | Press Pics (July 14th) | Press Pic (July 15th) | More HQ Pics from the Press Junket | HQ Pics The Spy Who Dumped Me LA Premiere Part I | HQ Pics from the LA Premiere Part II | HQ Pics Part III |  Fan Pics of the LA Premiere | Fan Pics Part II | Jimmy Kimmel Fan Pics | Pics of Sam Arriving at Jimmy Kimmel | Jimmy Kimmel HQ PicsFan Pics & MQ Pics NYC Premiere | HQ Pics NYC Premiere | MQ Pics from Kelly & Ryan  | HQ Pics from Kelly & Ryan | MQ Pics BUILD  | HQ Pics BUILD  | Portraits BUILD | MQ Pics NYC Fan Screening | Our Pics from the NYC Fan Screening | HQ Pics Kathy Lee & Hoda | MQ Pics New York Live TV | HQ Pics SIRIUS XM | MQ Pics Miami Press Junket | MQ Pics Despierta América | HQ Pics Despierta América | MQ Pics from Primer Impacto | MQ Portraits from the Miami Press Junket | More pics of Sam doing press in Miami | | | |

Interviews : ET Interview with the cast | Flaawsome Talk Interview | eTalks Interview | ET Canada’s Interview | Sam on how to date a spy | Inquirer Interview | NewNowNext | Margaret GardinerParade Magazine  | Interview from the Press Junket | Sam on how to date a spy – Part II | CINEMA-Magazin |  Interviews from the LA PremiereNBC LAE!News | Jimmy Kimmel | Kelly & Ryan | BUILD NYC | Q&A NYC Fan Screening | Kathy Lee & Hoda | New York Live TVHappy, Sad, Confused with Josh Horowitz | ScreentRantElle Magazine | Despierta Améria | CBS MiamiRadio Times | WWD | Sam on How to Date a Spy – Part III | Collider | WUSA 9 | CTV Morning Live | TV’s Talking Pictures | Access Hollywood | FANDOM | Joshua Horowitz (MTV) | CineMovie | IMDb | BRIT+CO | Entertainment Tonight | Siempre Mujer | People on the News | FANDOM Part II | AM North West | Entertainment Affair | My Show Official | Another Interview from the LA Premiere | One on One  | Kristien Moranto | SIRIUS XM | Inside South Florida | TV Week (Sam & Mila) | TV y Novelas | Hola TV | Celebrity Page TV | MTV What Is Sam Heughan Thinking | | |

Videos: BTS Video (ET Canada)B-Roll Video | Sound Bites from the cast | Sam’s FB Q&A  | The Spy Who Dumped Me LA Premiere General videos NYC Premiere Videos | Various Videos from Kelly & Ryan | MQ Videos BUILD | MQ from the NYC Fan Screening | Various Videos Kathie Lee & Hoda | MQ Videos New York Live TV | MQ Videos Despierta América | MQ Videos Primer Impacto | |

Screencaps: Trailer Screencaps| Screencaps from the UK TrailerScreencaps from the B-Roll video | Screencaps from the Sound Bites videoScreencaps from the “How to Date a Spy” clip | Screencaps from the SamCam VideoScreencaps from Sam’s FB Q&AScreencaps from the Red Carpet | Jimmy Kimmel Screencaps | Kelly & Ryan Screencaps | Screencaps of Sam Arriving at Kelly & Ryan | BUILD Screencaps | Screencaps of the Q&A NYC Fan Screening | Screencaps of Kathie Lee and Hoda | Screencaps of Sam’s videos on Kathie Lee and HodaScreencaps from Despierta América | Screencaps CBS Miami | Screencaps from Sam’s Interview with Radio Times | Screencaps from the WWD Interview | Screencaps of Sam from his MTV Interview | Screencaps of Sam surprising fans | Screencaps from Hola TV | Screencaps from What Is Sam Heughan Thinking |

Stills: All Stills as of July 11th | Stills July 12th | Still July 16th | Still July 21stStill July 23rd | Stills July 26th | Another Still from July 26th | | | | | | | | | |

Trailers: Official Trailer | UK Trailer | Dynamic Duo Featurette | Car Chase Clip | 4 TV Spots | “Basic” and “No Training” TV Spots | “Legit Spy” TV Spot |  “Travelling” TV Spot | “Skills” TV Spot |

Events after the jump! 

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NEW Promo Pics of Jamie and Claire from Season 4   Leave a comment

Here are a Couple More NEW Promo Pics of Jamie and Claire from Season 4

More after the jump!

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NEW BTS Video from Outlander STARZ for Season 4 “Claire and Jamie Brave The New World”   1 comment

Here is a NEW BTS Video from Outlander STARZ for Season 4 – “Claire and Jamie Brave The New World”

NEW Video Interivew with Caitriona Balfe from Cinema Magazin   Leave a comment

Here is a NEW Video Interview with Caitriona Balfe from Cinema Magazin

NEW Pic of Steven Cree   1 comment

Here is a NEW Pic of Steven Cree


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NEW Interivew with Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin from Entertainment Tonight   1 comment

Here is a NEW Interview with Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin from Entertainment Tonight

NEW Interview with Maril Davis and NEW Promo Pics for Outlander Starz Season 4   1 comment

Here is a NEW Interview with Maril Davis and NEW Promo Pics for Outlander Season 4

From Vanity Fair:

Ask someone who hasn’t seen a single episode of Outlander to explain the series, and they may still be able to tell you two details: 1) This is a story that takes place in Scotland, and 2) it’s a romance about two very attractive and charismatic people who are torn apart by the quirks of time travel. But as the beloved book adaptation heads into its fourth season on Starz next month, both of those main components are going out the window.

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NEW Video of the Cast of Outlander from MTV – “New Beginnings and Relationship Advice”   1 comment

Here is a NEW Video of the Cast of Outlander from MTV – “New Beginnings and Relationship Advice”