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Balfe recalls shooting the scene describing it as very difficult. “We knew coming up to it and we talked a lot about it. We didn’t want to be flippant about it. It’s important to realize that, in the context of 1743, this is something that was done without a second thought and was very normal.

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For Claire, whatever, even just about the physical wounds coming from that, there’s big psychic wounds. I think that it was such a betrayal to her; this man that she had fallen in love with so deeply would then do something to her.

“When we were filming it, we talked a lot about how we wanted the tone of it to be. We didn’t want to take it too lightly but we also didn’t want to exaggerate it too much or really make gratuitously,” Balfe continues. “We choreographed it very well. That was the big thing. I think it was as hard for Sam to put himself in the mindset of this being OK. I think this is what we learn about their marriage is that how a marriage works and how their marriage works is that even though they can’t accept some of the things that each other have done, that they can learn how to understand where they’re coming from and that that’s how then they can finally move past it.”

“I remember going home after we shot that … and feeling really like, ooh, have we achieved the right tone? I really didn’t want to use something that’s so traumatic to people as a form of entertainment. You want to be so careful with moments like this. I think we had the blueprint from Diana’s book. We had the great script and the writers were very careful,” Balfe concludes. “I hope that we pulled it off well.”


“We start off obviously from Jamie’s point of view, and we see everything that he goes through to get to the point where he rescues her, and he is almost forced into a situation where he has to punish her,” Heughan says. “It’s pretty much just the beginning of the fact that he’s from this time, he’s from this period. He has learned this particular way. He may not agree that he has to punish her, but he needs to do it, otherwise the other highlanders will not protect them. It’s about life and death situation, and she needs to learn this lesson.

“Their relationship is now tested constantly. They’re always battling to get back to each other, to find some sort of common ground. It’s just like one of the many moments that tests that. And ultimately, he learns as well. He learns about her, about how he can’t do that, about, and he declares that he will never harm her again,” Heughan concludes. “It’s about their relationship moving forward, and discovering about each other. Largely, that’s what a modern relationship is, really. You learning about how to interact.”

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