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*Videos* Sam Heughan, Tobias Menzies and Nell Hudson Speak About Laoghaire With Access Hollywood   2 comments

Here’s a video where Sam Heughan, Tobias Menzies and Nell Hudson discuss Laoghaire with Access Hollywood. 


Click here or on the screencap to watch

*NEW* Photos and Interview of Sam Heughan with ELLE   4 comments

landscape-1428689557-sjo7rzlkyabi5seczitd77e1i8h0qoyweys0uqpzfos (1)

From Elle Magazine:

So, what was going through your head as you were filming that pivotal, virginal, hugely anticipated sex scene?

We’re very aware that there was some anticipation about that scene, of course. Caitriona [Balfe] and I hadn’t done many of those scenes before. I’d done a little on-stage and in other productions, but it was very much about making our own discovery together. It’s about two people discovering each other; it wasn’t about playing a virgin or playing someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing. [My character] Jamie is also invested in it and he’s kind of fallen for her already, or at least, is at the precipice of falling. It’s about him really feeling every moment and it being very sensual. We wanted it to be very sensual. We didn’t want it to be gratuitous or soft porn. I think, if you watch it, we don’t really show an awful lot more than any other show does—in fact we probably show less.

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New Picture of Graham McTavish from Yahoo TV   2 comments

Here’s a new pic of Graham McTavish playing golf

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*VIDEO* New Interview of Tobias Menzies and Caitriona Balfe with Yahoo TV + NEW Scenes   3 comments

Here’s a new interview with Tobias Menzies and Caitriona Balfe for Yahoo TV and new scenes of Outlander.


Click on the screencap to watch the interview

thx to @Rene2608 for the heads up!

Master Post: Outlander Promo   3 comments

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Here’s a master post where you’ll find everything from the Outlander Promo. We’ll update this post as things come in, so keep checking back. 

Outlander New York City Premiere:

Prior to the Event: Pics of Cast Doing Press | Pics of NYC Prior to the Premiere | Our Pics of the costume exhibit 
Red Carpet:
  Our Pics |  Fan Pics | MQ Pics | MQ Pics – Part II HQ Pics | Pics from After the Premiere |  Our Videos | Videos | Interviews
 Our Pics |  Fan Pics | Videos | More videos | Videos of the Full Panel 
Pics of Cast Doing Press April 2nd |

Outlander London/Glasgow Premiere:

London Premiere Reception: Our Pics
London Q&A: 
MQ Pics | Fan PicsOur Pics | Our Pics – Part II HQ Pics | Videos | Q&A Video
Glasgow Premiere:
 MQ Pics

NY Tartan Week (Graham):

Pics: MQ Pics |
Fox News |
Tartan Day Parade: MQ Pics | More Pics  | Videos 


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Talk Show Pics/Videos:

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The Today Show (Canada):
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ET Canada:
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Pics | Interview 
The TeleVixen:
Pic | Interviews | Interview Sam
Access Hollywood:
MTV: PicPic
Yahoo TV: Pic
Toronto Promo: MQ Pics

Starz Promo:

Outlander Clips/Stills: Screencaps |  Video | BTS Pic  | German Outlander Clip  | Screencaps | Canadian Trailer | New Stills from EW
The Reckoning:
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The Devil’s Mark: Trailer | Screencaps | SoHo Trailer | Screencaps |
Season 1B:
Trailer | Screencaps | New Stills | Promo Poster |

Twitter Q&A with Graham McTavish   1 comment

Here are all the questions and answers from Graham’s Twitter Q&A, in case you missed anything.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 1.42.34 PM

See the entire Q&A after the jump!

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*Video* Graham McTavish at the NY Tartan Day Parade   1 comment

Here’s a video of Graham McTavish at the NY Tartan Day Parade. The part with Graham starts at 1:23. He talks a bit about Outlander. 


Click here or on the screencap to watch

Thanks to Dolores for the heads-up. 

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*Video* Sam Heughan Rates Outlander Parody Titles For Yahoo   1 comment

Here’s a video of Sam Heughan rating Outlander parody titles for Yahoo. 


Click here or on the screencap to watch

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*VIDEO* New Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe interview with KOB   1 comment

Here’s a new Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe Outlander interview with KOB


Click here or on the screencap to watch the interview


*New* BTS Pic of Sam Heughan and Duncan Lacroix on the Set of Outlander   2 comments

Here is a new behind the scenes picture of Sam Heughan and Duncan Lacroix as Jamie Fraser and Murtagh FitzGibbons on the set of Outlander.

What are these Highlanders up to now? Find out this Saturday in the all – new episode of #Outlander. #BehindTheScenes

Source: Outlander_Starz Instagram