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Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) was thrilled to learn that his Highlander would be (bag)piping up in voice-over. “I remember getting that script and seeing that it opened with Jamie’s thoughts and having a really interesting conversation with the writers about where he’s narrating it from. Is it in the moment? Is it in the future? Has he already made the choices that made him a man?” Heughan says. “The change also increases the stories that can be told. You see a lot more of where he’s coming from and less that he’s just this Highlander. You see a lot more of the chinks in his armor, his relationship to his sister, and his personal relationship with his father,” he continues. “We aren’t limited to seeing what Claire is experiencing or witnessing. That is fine when we are together and the stories are interlinked, but we’re separated towards the last couple of episodes. Now you follow both timelines, and see where they go and how they’re both trying desperately to get back to each other. You get to see first hand the hells they are both put through at the end of the season.”

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Heughan admits that “The Reckoning” was pretty hard on him physically. First, there was the slap heard round the watering hole: “It was a very good slap. Yeah. Caitriona’s [Balfe] very good. I was pretty raw by the end of that day. I guess it made us even for the spanking.” Balfe suffered her lumps as well. ” constantly covered in bruises and I am too,” Heughan explains. “There’s never a comfortable moment. We both came out [of this episode] in bruises and cuts.”

Interestingly enough, most damage seemed to be done when he least expected it — during the sex scenes. “Oh my God. We had rug burn. We’d bump into things, slam down onto the floor or the bed. I had a rash on my chest. We had carpet burns on our knees,” says the actor. “Hopefully it looks a lot better than it felt making it.

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