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New Sam Heughan Interview with E! Online   3 comments

Here’s a new interview of Sam Heughan with E! Online

From E! Online:

I chatted with Sam Heughan this morning about his stunning portrayal of Jamie Fraser in season one, and the much-talked-about sexual assault and recovery scenes in last Saturday’s season one finale.

Heughan’s brave and soulful work has earned him Emmy Award buzz, and rightfully so. The dark, emotional depths he had to go to are unparalleled by any other leading man this TV season. His performance elicited overwhelmingly intense emotion among viewers—who, one week later, probably still have no tears left to give.

Here, Sam talks about the response to Outlander‘s greatest risk yet, what has surprised him, and what’s ahead for Jamie and Claire in season two. (More to come next week.)

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*New* Ron D. Moore’s Interview with E! Online **FINALE SPOILERS**   1 comment

Here is Ron D. Moore’s interview with E! Online

From E! Online:

Anyone else still ugly-cry-swoon-laughing right now? Thanks to Outlander, that’s now a thing.

The season-one finale has assuredly left viewers with a wild disparity of emotion—disgust, infatuation and hope—in what was one of the most gripping hours ever to air on television.

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*New* Interview with Tobias Menzies for E! Online   5 comments

Here is a new interview with Tobias Menzies for E! Online, discussing the season finale of Outlander.

From E! Online:

If the purpose of TV is to make you feel something, let the record show: There is no greater show than Outlander. And no bigger episode than the season-one finale, airing this Saturday on Starz.

You want to talk about feels? How about feels so intense and all-encompassing, you forget to breathe? You forget it’s fiction? You forget to move because you are so paralyzed by rage, disgust, horror, and ultimately, love?

Scared yet? You should be.

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*New* Interview with Ron D. Moore from E! Online   1 comment

Here’s a new interview with Ron D.Moore from E! Online

<> at The Grove on May 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

<> at The Grove on May 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

From E! Online:

If only history class looked like Outlander, then we would have done so much better in school. (Although if our professor looked like Sam Heughan, we probably would have failed. Because we’d just be staring at him and daydreaming and generally not paying attention. Can you blame us?!)

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Outlander Spoiler Snippet from the E! Online Article   4 comments

Here’s a little piece about Outlander 1×16 from E! Online article *SPOILERS*


From Spoiler Chat:

Nicollette: Kristin, I am SO RELIEVED that all the awful torture is behind us on Outlander! What can you spill about Jamie’s recovery?

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Ron D. Moore’s Interview with E! Online ***Spoilers***   13 comments

Here’s Ron D. Moore’s interview with E! Online


From E! Online:

If you’ve read our “Outlander Warning,”  or if you’ve read the books, you already have a hint of what you fans are in for in the next couple weeks, as the Starz series sets out to do something no TV show has done before.

It is horrific and shocking. But ultimately, so beautiful you will weep.

Once again, we aren’t going to spoil anything. But suffice to say, the final two episodes are something many people will be talking about, whether they have seen the show or not, because what happens is…BOLD. For any TV show. On any network. In fact, one could certainly argue it’s the biggest TV risk of the past decade or more.

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Sam Heughan’s Instagram Takeover of E! Online   3 comments

Photos of Sam Heughans from his Instagram Takeover of E! Online.

"Sweaty PT session with @F1ghtcamp" -@SamHeughan 💪🏼

“Sweaty PT session with @F1ghtcamp” -@SamHeughan 💪🏼

Fullscreen capture 522015 62239 PM.bmp

Sweet dreams @samheughan, thanks for showing us a day in your life! East Coast are you watching #Outlander with us?! 😍❤️


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**SPOILERS** from E! Online and IB Times   1 comment




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E! Online Spoiler Chat With A Scoop About Outlander   9 comments

E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos has the scoop on what to expect when Outlander returns.

Outlander_Gallery1_wm (1)

From E! Online:

Manny H: Outlander scoop! Saw on Twitter you got the first episodes back. Spill, spill!
LOVED THEM. HARD. All you need to know: The first episode back is gut-wrenching, uncomfortable/offensive and then basically straight-up porn. The second episode back is slower-paced and odd, but an amazing set up for the third episode back, which is STRAIGHT UP BANANAS. I didn’t breathe from about half-way through the episode to the end of it. Major game-changers galore and something that fans who didn’t read the books wouldn’t think would happen so soon.

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