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Here’s a little piece about Outlander 1×16 from E! Online article *SPOILERS*


From Spoiler Chat:

Nicollette: Kristin, I am SO RELIEVED that all the awful torture is behind us on Outlander! What can you spill about Jamie’s recovery?

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Um. That it includes some incredibly graphic scenes (as Jamie tells Claire what has happened) and the worst is most certainly NOT behind you. The worst is yet to come…But for you who have been asking, YES, the season does end on a positive note. It is not all doom and gloom and the final moments really set up with season two will be about. A storyline decidedly different than what you’ve seen so far—and will see—in Wentworth prison, with Black Jack Randall (shudder). Book fans, you also will see that a notable location has moved, and the timing is not what it is from the books—all done to make the storyline work better for a TV show/season finale. In the meantime, though, prepare to cry buckets. And prepare to have to look away. At points it is…Too much.

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4 responses to “Outlander Spoiler Snippet from the E! Online Article

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  2. I Can’t Wait To See Jamie and Clara Back together and Happy again For a Time BEFORE the Nightmare is Back!!! I’m Hopeing in The Finally they will make I little quick Horror at the End to Give US The Fans a little Break From the Resent Nightmare in Eposiode15 ,,, But I Can’t Wait for Season 2 Either

  3. Don’t mind a few details to change but not too many to take from the books. As long as they get to where they are supposed to be for Season 2. Even though next ep. is going to be terribly hard, the worst is knowing the season is done and there is a long wait to watch our show again.☹

    Theresa MacKinnon
  4. Agree Kelly, I’m looking forward to watching the finale of my favourite TV show even if it will be an emotional hijacking!

    I wonder what they ^^^^ are all looking at 😉

    Not particularly relishing the idea of Droughtlander again though sigh. Guess I’ll finish off Scottish Prisoner then get on to Drums of Autumn again. Fiery Cross and beyond is new territory for me.

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