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Here is a new interview with Tobias Menzies for E! Online, discussing the season finale of Outlander.

From E! Online:

If the purpose of TV is to make you feel something, let the record show: There is no greater show than Outlander. And no bigger episode than the season-one finale, airing this Saturday on Starz.

You want to talk about feels? How about feels so intense and all-encompassing, you forget to breathe? You forget it’s fiction? You forget to move because you are so paralyzed by rage, disgust, horror, and ultimately, love?

Scared yet? You should be.

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These feelings come courtesy of some very brave work by stars Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe and Tobias Menzies, who have tackled what is perhaps TV’s darkest material of all time: The darkest material from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander book series, which focuses on the rape and torture of Jamie (Sam Heughan) by Jack (Tobias Menzies).

“Jack, I would argue, is a study in sadism,” Menzies explains. “He’s interested in people’s boundaries, their pain thresholds, what they can handle. It’s a rather sickening investigation.”

That’s…putting it lightly.

Menzies, whom TV fans also know from Rome and Game of Thrones, has played a dual role on Outlander as Claire’s (Balfe) husband Frank Randall in the 1940’s at the beginning of the series, and then Black Jack Randall after she traveled back to 1740’s and fell in love with Jamie (Heughan). And now, the man who brings so much devastation and pain to the show.

Tobias, Sam and Cait’s performances in this Saturday’s season finale will floor you many of you fans—each are fearless in their own way, not holding anything back. And for Tobias, it’s the culmination of months getting to know this horrible, twisted man, and how he can be capable of such depths of depravity. (Note: We fans will NEVER understand.)

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  1. there was no jump in my case. ???

  2. I am so scared to watch the show I love. It was so hard in print but images may never go away. I think a good bottle of Whiskey will be needed for Sunday night. Worst part for alot will be being able to see Black Jack play any other role in any show after because he will always be seen as that deprived villain.

    Theresa MacKinnon
    • Without a doubt Black Jack is the most heinous character I have witnessed in all my years of film and
      television viewing. He displays depravity at its height…His mocking eyes and twitching lips will haunt me
      for some time…
      …but I do admire Tobias Menzies…An accomplished Shakespearean actor. Brilliant thespian.

      • Very well put! My feelings exactly.It takes great skill to portray such a depraved and dastardly devil such as Black Jack.

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