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*Scans* Outlander Feature in Emmy Magazine   2 comments

Here are scans from the Outlander feature in Emmy Magazine.

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New Pic of Lotte Verbeek   1 comment

Here is a new picture of Lotte Verbeek.


From my #underwater #shoot with @galunderwaterphotography floating in gorgeous silks by @michailsykianakis #water #magic


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Ron D. Moore’s Interview with E! Online ***Spoilers***   13 comments

Here’s Ron D. Moore’s interview with E! Online


From E! Online:

If you’ve read our “Outlander Warning,”  or if you’ve read the books, you already have a hint of what you fans are in for in the next couple weeks, as the Starz series sets out to do something no TV show has done before.

It is horrific and shocking. But ultimately, so beautiful you will weep.

Once again, we aren’t going to spoil anything. But suffice to say, the final two episodes are something many people will be talking about, whether they have seen the show or not, because what happens is…BOLD. For any TV show. On any network. In fact, one could certainly argue it’s the biggest TV risk of the past decade or more.

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New Diana Gabaldon Interview with Assigment X   2 comments

Diana Gabaldon discusses the move to TV with Assigment X


AX: The television adaptation of OUTLANDER is fairly faithful, but are there bits in the show where you go, “That’s a surprising way of depicting that?”

GABALDON: Sometimes, yeah.

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