E! Online Spoiler Chat With A Scoop About Outlander   9 comments

E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos has the scoop on what to expect when Outlander returns.

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From E! Online:

Manny H: Outlander scoop! Saw on Twitter you got the first episodes back. Spill, spill!
LOVED THEM. HARD. All you need to know: The first episode back is gut-wrenching, uncomfortable/offensive and then basically straight-up porn. The second episode back is slower-paced and odd, but an amazing set up for the third episode back, which is STRAIGHT UP BANANAS. I didn’t breathe from about half-way through the episode to the end of it. Major game-changers galore and something that fans who didn’t read the books wouldn’t think would happen so soon.

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9 responses to “E! Online Spoiler Chat With A Scoop About Outlander

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  1. As Jamie would say…”mmmph” !!

  2. Too many months/days to wait…..and these teasers are KILLING ME!

  3. Oh my.

  4. This sounds scarey. I don’t know whether to watch or not.

  5. Saying a lot and saying nothing!! I’ll just wait for the trailer on Friday.

  6. Pinned onto Outlander the Series with comments.

  7. Having read it. I know some of it is seriously “hard core”, I’m expecting it. At some point I had to take a break from reading because I couldn’t distance myself. But the story is so compelling, sometimes I’m in love with these characters and at other times one or the other really annoys me. IT’s the beauty of it, you really go through these experiences with them, the good ones as well as the bad ones. Besides, the amount of things they actually survive earn them the well deserved titles of “King” and “Queen”. Herself is such an amazing writer that you always want to know what’s coming next.

  8. Manny H

    I have to disagree with what you said about the first season being straight out porn. I consider it raw sensuality that obviously attracts both sexes to watching the show.

  9. Having read the book I can imagine to what this reviewer is referring, but can’t wait to actually see it. okay if reviewers can see these episodes now, why do we have to wait until April?

    Elizabeth Fisher

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