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Here’s Ron D. Moore’s interview with E! Online


From E! Online:

If you’ve read our “Outlander Warning,”  or if you’ve read the books, you already have a hint of what you fans are in for in the next couple weeks, as the Starz series sets out to do something no TV show has done before.

It is horrific and shocking. But ultimately, so beautiful you will weep.

Once again, we aren’t going to spoil anything. But suffice to say, the final two episodes are something many people will be talking about, whether they have seen the show or not, because what happens is…BOLD. For any TV show. On any network. In fact, one could certainly argue it’s the biggest TV risk of the past decade or more.

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It is also highly controversial.

For Outlander‘s executive producer Ron Moore, these final episodes have been a very long time in the making, and under meticulous consideration from his first day on the job. I chatted with him about how he and his writing team approached the seemingly insurmountable challenge of bringing this disturbing book material (from the Diana Gabaldon book series) to TV, in a way that both served the story, and actually worked for the small screen. (More from Ron later after you see the episodes. For now…no spoilers.)

“Right from the beginning,” Moore explains to me, “we all knew this was the end of the book, so there was going to be some pretty dark stuff out there waiting at the end. So when we were doing the initial breakdown of the 16 episodes, we started looking for opportunities to set that up. The writers, we talked early about laying track to get us to the end of the show…and all the way through the season, we were sort of always aware of where we were going, laying things along the route to sort of give you fair warning and also correctly build the arc so it paid off in the right way.”

“We were sort of aware, all along, in a larger sense, that there would be repercussions on the episode,” he admits. “That you know, people were going to see it, and it was volatile material, and it was going to be certainly controversial. Some people would hate it, some people would love it. It would have various sociopolitical connotations to it for a variety of reasons, but we always kind of tried to shove that aside and not think about it and talk about it, because that wasn’t our job. Our job was to do this drama and translate this story and to do it as best we can.”

When asked if he’s concerned that some viewers might turn off Outlander for good, Moore is thoughtful. “I’m sure there will be a few people like that, and I think it’s unfortunate, but you can’t argue with the audience. Their reaction is whatever their reaction is, so if you’ve watched this whole story and you get all the way to these two [episodes], and that’s it, you can’t watch the show again, you know, I’m sad for that, I’m disappointed, but OK. I don’t expect that to be everybody’s reaction, or even the majority’s reaction. I don’t know, you know? I’m curious. I’m certainly curious to see how it’s received. I know there will be a chunk of fans that are disappointed that there are elements from the book that were changed out of necessity, and you know, OK, that’s a different reaction. And then there’s going to be a big chunk of the audience that has no idea where this story is going and watches it cold, and I’m very curious about that reaction. Like what are they going to say? Did they have any clue? Is it shocking? Is it challenging? It’s a big question right now.”

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  1. Reblogged this on rockigraziano and commented:
    Ron D. Moore, you have translated the best novel thus far to bring it to television with most of the story intact, and that is you, Terry, the directors and of course the awesome actors that have to put their selves, heart and soul in all that is good and bad for the viewers to watch. I hail all of you, I also did acing and understand the actors trials in this. I heard a title “Eyes Wide Shut” that’s pretty much it. Thank you for all your awesome work, and please know this is one fan that will go to the end with all of you.

  2. oh lord, it means that the full frontal and the blow job are gonna be shown as part of the pain inflected!!!!

  3. Really Sonia?????????????????

    • yes there is that in the book, i said it cuz the whole article contains spoilers, and since we saw BJR’s thing it’s possible to see it again, and that scares me, in fact i’m uncomfortable watching such things so yeah!!!

  4. True to the book . So I say uncomfortable yes will we cry yes.😢😥😪 we will hate BJR more.

  5. For this not to be part of the show would have been an awful mistake. When Season 2 picks back up people that have not read the series would have not have understood what they were watching. If you do a series or book and want to do it justice, you do it as close to the book as possible. I think anyone who could not read it surely is not watching it. I think they ate doing a fantastic job on this series and hope to see many mote seasons to come. Bravo!

    Theresa MacKinnon
  6. It should have read,, I think they are doing a fantastic job and hope to see many more seasons.

    Theresa MacKinnon
  7. Just watched 115. No sexual content, just torture in this one, so the sexual elements will be in the last episode, the evil followed by the beautiful. BJR is one sadistic SOB.

  8. If you remember, much of what happens at Wentworth is NOT seen. It is told to Claire by Jamie at the Abbey. And out imaginations being what they are, it makes it more vivid. Just watched Episode 115 (at 5 AM here in Atlanta before I went to gym) and it is absolutely brilliant. A masterpiece really.

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