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Here is a NEW interview with the cast and crew from Outlander from Vulture


From Vulture :

It started with the castle cunnilingus. The first sex scene on Outlander was a statement — “a shot across the bow,” as co-executive producer Maril Davis puts it — about how sex would be portrayed on the genre-defying Starz show, a mash-up of sci-fi-fantasy, action-adventure, and historical fiction. Claire, our heroine, takes a tour of castle ruins with husband Frank in the year 1945. World War II is over, they’re finally reunited on a Scottish vacation, and it’s time to reconnect. She sits on a dusty table and hikes up her skirt suggestively, showing her garters. He discovers she’s not wearing any underwear. She pushes him to his knees. Claire, without having bared her body, thoroughly enjoys herself. “She was the one asking for it, she was the one directing him what to do,” says Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire. “We’re so used to seeing women being objectified, as objects of desire of men, but it’s rare when you see a woman owning her sexuality, directing it, orchestrating the sequence of events.”

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That first episode may have set the show’s tone, but the moment that turned it into both a feminist and a television darling happened about halfway through the season, on Claire’s wedding night. “It’s one of the most blatant manifestations of the female gaze,” the A.V. Club noted. “One of the few sex scenes I’ve ever seen that felt like it wasn’t written explicitly for men. GAZE, LADIES, GAZE,” Jezebel urged. The feminist writer Roxane Gay was even more blunt in her Vulture recap: “This episode was perfect, poignant, and perfect.” Viewers agreed; 5.2 million have watched the wedding night episode, according to Starz.

Fans of Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling book series of the same name, on which the show is based, had spent many a message-board thread debating whether the television adaptation would be as emotional and erotic as was the version on the page. The wedding-night scene portrays the first time between Claire and Jamie, hubby No. 2. Claire and Frank have been separated once again — this time by accidental time travel – after Claire touches some mystical stones and is zipped to 200 years in the past and dropped into the middle of a skirmish between British soldiers and Scottish Highlanders. Stuck in 1743 and not knowing how to get back, she eventually marries a hunky Highlander for a pragmatic purpose, namely, protection. “In any other show, he would be the bimbo,” says Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie. “The strapping, hulking hero.” He is, in some ways. But he’s also intelligent, with a fine wit, sensitive, romantic, and, up until this point, a virgin.

The episode, which was written by a woman (Anne Kenney) and directed by a woman (Anna Foerster), was all about watching Jamie. Foerster added choreography not in the script, where Claire tells Jamie to take off his shirt because she wants to look at him and walks around his muscular form as he undresses, a moment fans loved. Jamie’s expressions were priceless — delight, confusion, wonder, delirium — as the much-passed-around GIFs of his orgasm face attest. (“Oh God, I never want to see that!” says Heughan, laughing. “They’re probably horrific. But you’re seeing through Claire’s eyes.”) And there’s equal opportunity here, because while Jamie’s caught up in experiencing his first, second, and third time, there’s a distinct focus on Claire’s pleasure, too, starting with his concern whether or not she’s enjoying it. (She is.)

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