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Here is a new interview with Sam Heughan from Geek Chic Elite

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From GCE:

With the big success of Outlander, Sam Heughan has quickly become the newest actor to keep an eye on. The Scottish actor left the shooting of the second season to come to the Monte-Carlo TV Festival where we caught up with him to discuss the first season, its shocking finale, his character Jamie and his French lessons.

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You didn’t read the book prior your audition but you did after. Did it impact your way of approaching the role?

I absolutely found it necessary to read the books. I still read them and use them as a material and not just the novel but also Diana’s short stories. I particularly love the Exile for me it was really helpful before it’s from Jamie’s point of view. We learn more about his history so yes for me reading them is really helpful. There’s some times when I go back to the books when we film a particular scene and I see if Diana wrote that Jamie does in a particular way.

Outlander the novels were such a successful series way before it was turned on TV. And Jamie is quite a beloved character for the fans. Did you feel any pressure accepting the role?

I guess I was gracefully unaware of how much this character was adored, he is just such a great character. I knew he was a big part of these books and then I’ve seen on twitter and facebook the fans excitement and interest when we started the show. If I had known that earlier, I would have felt way more nervous for sure.

How did you react when you saw how much they praise you?

I’m very lucky. I didn’t want to screw up with that. I love the fans and their enthusiasm and their support. They support all of this and they really love the show. I know some are watching the show over and over and it’s so great that they love Diana’s books and our show.

How would analyze your character Jamie?

He is very forward looking man for his time; he is going on a journey the moment Claire took his life nothing would be the same again. In season one, he was a young man with no responsibilities and through the season he is growing up. At the end, he has to really address who he is and who he wants to be in the future, and I think we’re definitely going to see how changed he is.

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  2. I loved the books but Sam especially put faces to my characters. Re reading the books now give you a visual look at the books now.

    Theresa MacKinnon
  3. I’m reading Dragonfly in Amber, love it!

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