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*NEW* Pic of Caitriona Balfe, Stephen Walters and Grant O’Rourke   6 comments

Here is a new pic of Caitriona Balfe, Stephen Walters and Grant O’Rourke in Outlander


Source: Outlander-Starz

*NEW* Pic of Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan   3 comments

Here is a new pic of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe in Outlander


Source: Outlander-Starz

*CASTING NEWS* Rosie Day and Andrew Gower Join the Cast of Outlander Season 2   4 comments

Rosie Day and Andrew Gower have been cast in the second season of Outlander!


From Entertainment Weekly:

So far, Jamie and Claire’s French adventure involves a member of French court, Jamie’s cousin, a mysterious healer, and now, a young Englishwoman.

EW can exclusively reveal that Rosie Day has joined Outlander’s second season as Mary Hawkins, the daughter of a minor baronet and the niece of Silas Hawkins. Engaged to a member of the French nobility, Mary, who struggles with a nervous stammer, finds herself being used as a pawn in the power plays of her elders.

Additionally, it’s also been announced that Andrew Gower has joined the hit show’s second season as Prince Charles Edward Stuart, along with Romann Berrux being cast as Fergus. Charles Stuart, the young heir to the exiled Catholic royal dynasty, is plotting his epic return to the throne. Meanwhile, Fergus is a young French pickpocket who is incredibly loyal to the Frasers.

Welcome to France, Jamie and Claire. Things are already getting complicated.


*New* Sam Heughan Interview with The Wrap   2 comments

Here is a new interview Sam Heughan did with The Wrap.


From The Wrap:

“Outlander” may be best known and beloved as a time-traveling romance, but the Starz adaptation of Diana Gabaldon‘s best-selling series of books went to some very dark places by the conclusion of its first season.

Sam Heughan plays Jamie Fraser, the male lead in the series, who romances Caitriona Balfe‘s time-displaced 1940s nurse Claire after she crash lands in 17th Century Scotland.

Jamie starts out as a dreamy protector, but by the season finale, he had become a victim of sexual assault and torture at the hands of the cruel Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies), and lived to tell the tale.

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*CASTING NEWS* Romann Berrux Joins the Cast of Outlander Season 2   22 comments

Romann Berrux has been cast in the second season of Outlander!


From Access Hollywood:

Author Diana Gabaldon revealed Romann Berrux will play wee Fergus, a French child who Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) runs into in Paris. Known as Claudel when he’s introduced in “Dragonfly in Amber,” Jamie enlists the young and clever chap’s help on some serious business.


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*CASTING NEWS* Dominique Piñon Joins the Cast of Outlander Season 2   10 comments

Dominique Piñon has been cast as Master Raymond in the second season of Outlander!


From Entertainment Weekly:

At the end of Outlander’s first season, Jamie and Claire were on their way to France to try to both infiltrate the Jacobite rebellion and prevent the Highland uprising. In other words, they were looking to change history.

And when we pick up with them in season 2, they’ll be learning their way around French society, which we already know will bring them face-to-face with French court and at least one more Fraser: Jamie’s cousin Jared. But considering they’ll need all the help they can find on their mission, it’s no surprise that another new face will into play as well.

Starz has announcd that Dominique Piñon will join season 2 as Master Raymond, a mysterious healer who seems to have a vast knowledge when it comes to secret matters (think the political and the occult). Raymond is looked upon with suspicion by outsiders, which can only mean one thing: He’s going to bond with Claire.

Outlander will return for its second season in 2016.

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*Video* Sneak Peak of Sam Heughan’s Interview with DP/30   4 comments

Here is a sneak peak of Sam Heughan’s interview with DP/30.


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