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*CASTING NEWS* Audrey Brisson Joins the Cast of Outlander Season 2   8 comments

 Audrey Brisson has been cast as a member of Outlander Season 2


From TV Wise:

EXCLUSIVE: Established stage actress Audrey Brisson has joined the cast of Starz’s hit period drama Outlander for its upcoming second season, TVWise has learned. The 13 episode second season is now in production in Scotland for a 2016 premiere on Starz.

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Ron D. Moore’s Interview with Access Hollywood   2 comments

Ron D. Moore on why they left out the hot springs book scene


From Access Hollywood:

“I mean, first off, it’s really hard to do water on television. It’s really difficult to do that kind of a scene. You’ve gotta build a tank,” Ron said.

Worse than working with cows, we asked? (They had to build a corridor for the cows’ Wentworth scene, with reinforced walls.)

“Yeah, worse than cows. It’s hard to believe. The cows will come on and then they’ll leave,” Ron said. “And when you’re putting actors in water for a long period of time, there’s health issues, there’s safety issues, now you’ve got to put cameras in the water, you’ve gotta construct this tank,” the EP said of the variables production would have had to deal with.

“Anything dealing with water is a huge pain in the a** and we just immediately kind of went, ‘We’re not going to be able to tackle this. This will just be like such a logistical nightmare, we don’t want to deal with it.’ It’s one of the reasons you just don’t see a lot of scenes like that or underwater things,” he continued.

“To play that scene, they’d be in that tank for literally hours on end, and it just was like not practical for us,” he said.

*AUDIO* New Interview of Tobias Menzies with Gold Derby   4 comments

Here’s a new interview of Tobias Menzies with Gold Derby

Click on the picture or here to listen to the interview

*VIDEO* New Sam Heughan Interview with Gold Derby   11 comments

Here’s another new interview of Sam Heughan with Gold Derby

New Interview of Sam Heughan with CarterMatt   1 comment

Here’s a new Sam Heughan interview with CarterMatt


From CarterMatt:

The 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards are taking place this year on September 20, but before that happens the nominations are going to be officially announced come July 16.

As an extension of our current Emmy Preview series we had a chance to speak with Sam, who is currently filming the show’s second season in Scotland. We chatted briefly about the filming progress, but for the most part we focused on his experiences filming the first season, some of the more difficult moments, what he learned about his craft through the process, and the Emmy campaign both for his show and for a category that is an extremely competitive year: Outstanding Lead actor in a drama series.

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New Sam Heughan Interview with E! Online   3 comments

Here’s a new interview of Sam Heughan with E! Online

From E! Online:

I chatted with Sam Heughan this morning about his stunning portrayal of Jamie Fraser in season one, and the much-talked-about sexual assault and recovery scenes in last Saturday’s season one finale.

Heughan’s brave and soulful work has earned him Emmy Award buzz, and rightfully so. The dark, emotional depths he had to go to are unparalleled by any other leading man this TV season. His performance elicited overwhelmingly intense emotion among viewers—who, one week later, probably still have no tears left to give.

Here, Sam talks about the response to Outlander‘s greatest risk yet, what has surprised him, and what’s ahead for Jamie and Claire in season two. (More to come next week.)

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Sam Heughan is TV Line’s ‘Performer of the Week’   6 comments

TV Line’s Performer of the Week – Sam Heughan

From TV Line:


THE SHOW | Outlander

THE EPISODE | “To Ransom a Man’s Soul” (May 30)

THE PERFORMANCE | You can just imagine the thoughts that must’ve crossed the mind of Outlander‘s Sam Heughan upon hearing his character’s trajectory at the end of the season: “I’m going to do what? And they’re going to show every minute of it?” Indeed, Jamie’s rape by Black Jack Randall in the finale was a nasty, graphic, terrifying violation rendered heartbreakingly honest by Heughan’s performance. The fearless actor shifted Jamie from defiant to resigned to seemingly removed from the proceedings, until Randall — not satisfied with merely ravaging the Highlander’s body — decided to sully his soul, as well. As a disoriented and gravely injured Jamie realized that he’d inadvertenly experienced a moment of pleasure at his rapist’s hand, Heughan infused one facial expression with enough regret and sorrow to last several lifetimes.

After his rescue from the prison, the actor played Jamie’s torment and shame unflinchingly, relating his attack to Caitriona Balfe’s Claire in detached manner far removed from Jamie’s normal vibrance. And though the episode ended on a positive note — Heughan’s smile as Jamie learned he will be a father was like seeing your porch light suddenly come into view after a long time away from home — here’s hoping that Outlander allots the space and time in Season 2 to properly process what’s happened to its hero. Heughan is more than capable of handling it.

BTS Video from Outlander’s Extras ‘Authentic in Design’   3 comments

Here’s a BTS video from Outlander’s Extras ‘Authentic in Design’


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2,550+ UHQ (1080p) Screencaps of Episode 1×16 of Outlander “To Ransom a Man’s Soul”   5 comments

Here are 2,550+ UHQ (1080p) screencaps from episode 1×16 of Outlander, “To Ransom a Man’s Soul” that we made for you guys. Hope you enjoy them! If you use them, please link back to the site. 

***To get the full high res cap click on the thumbnail and then at the bottom on the right click “View full size 1920×1080″ ***


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