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From Spoiler Chat:

Gregory: Outlander please!
Still finding it hard to speak about the last two episodes. Tobias Menzies deserves an Emmy, as does Sam Heughan, and beyond that, I physically canna make any words about it because…I’m suffering sympathy PTSD. This week, though, is a lovely and rather funny episode. We get to see Caitriona Balfe sing!


23 responses to “Small Scoop on Outlander Episode 1×14 ‘The Search’ from E!’s Spoilers Chat

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  1. I’m almost in mourning because as a fan of the books I know how bad it is going to get. Part of me doesn’t want to watch and part of me knows I have to.

  2. I dread it but still I know I’ll have to watch it.

  3. C’mon! Put on your big girl pants. Yes it is going to be difficult but it is going to be one the most epic performances ever on TV. Sam deserves and Emmy as does Tobias.

  4. I agree. My big girl pants are on but I love these characters and seeing them suffer is hard to watch. If it wasn’t hard to watch then they wouldn’t be deserving of an Emmy.

  5. i really hope, that we are not going to see a lot of the rape part! i literaly hated that chapter becaue of this!

  6. As bad as we hate it, I think they are going to go there. I think they have to because it is so important to the story. That event shapes Jamie into the man he becomes and changes Claire and Jamie’s lives forever, not to mention it play a big role in the second book.

    • i know that, and that’s why i hated it even more when i finished the second book, but still, god please i don’t anna see any kissing _or far worse_ scene, i just don’t picture jamie doing those things!!

      • I’m with you Sonia! Some things I can do without. lol

        • i think that i’m entitled to my opinion, i can understand the fact that you don’t share it, but have in mind that a lot a people hate the rape idea as much as i do! you just have to respect it!

          • Geez can we not have a conversation without it being picked to death? Some of us don’t enjoy arguing for the sake of arguing.

            • i’m sorry, i was just explaining why i hated the wentworth episode! didn’t mean to offend anybody!

              • Not you Sonia. You should be able to discuss fictional characters without having to defend yourself. The whole attack was uncalled for, some people are too sensitive

  7. The last chapters are hard to read, and television is so visceral that “a little can go a long way”. With that said, I think we will see a lot of Jamie’s POV , after what happened at Lallybroch. I hope that I am blissfully wrong. Diana wrote a compelling ending to a strange and beautiful book. No matter what adaptation we are given, this season will end on a high note.

    • Don’t jump to any conclusions. As we have come to know, the writers and RDM love to embellish the plot a bit; and they are apparently under some pressure to come up with a “cliffhanger” for the end of Season 1; so we may have to endure something other that the book ending for the year or so before we see Season 2. Personally, if they do that, I may just give up and go back to rereading the books, which is what I did for the 20-odd years before we got the series in the first place!

      • Hopefully a “game-changer” not a “cliffhanger”!

        • I agree, no game changers. They can add on but stay true to the books. I found myself this weekend being a little bothered by the add-ins. I kept saying to my dad who watches with me, “this isn’t in the book” and when they covered a scene from the book I find myself saying, “in the book they do this or say this”. Lol

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  9. Women, this is where you have an opportunity to take your rightful place beside the men as equals. They have faced up to this for years and if you truly seek equality and dammit we do, then you must learn to take the good with the bad. Stand up sisters and be strong. Like Jenny says, “There is no room for sentiment here.”

    Lindsay Prothero
  10. Tone it down guys. Constructive criticism is fine, however if I see any comments that disrespect people I’ll remove them like I just did.

  11. i swear that was not my intention, it’s just that once and again it’s about a fictional book/show, and i was not talking about people in general, i mean even jamie loathed him-self for what he did with randall.
    this being said, i one more time, am sorry for the way it came out!

    • SPOILER alert, below- Think I went off topic reading other’s general comments re Wentworth.

  12. Rape against women has only relatively recently become a crime more women now readily report and even discuss openly in terms of prevention education and support in the US. However, the topic of male rape is lesser known to most, I wager, and I’m talking about today, not the 18th century. Add to that this story’s sadistic nature of male rape which is even more horrifically despicable, and I am honestly dreading the depiction of what is to come. Speaking for myself, BJ Randall’s crimes against Jenny and Jamie thus far have not been easy viewing so… I guess this is going to be groundbreaking for many of the viewing audience as well.

  13. For my last ever comment on this site (since it will probably be removed anyway, and since I find the site decidedly unfriendly to MY exercise of free speech), I’d like to wish for all of you – most sincerely – that none of you, or anyone that you love (female, male, young, old, smart. dumb, rich, poor), is ever raped. It’s not about expecting rape victims to fight off their rapists; hating them for “giving in;” or otherwise holding anything against them. Victims are victims; and no matter how capable they may have been at other points in their lives, they bear absolutely zero responsibility for the crimes perpetrated against themselves. All we can do is try to understand the havoc this crime causes in their lives and tell them – over and over – “This was not your fault.”

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