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Audio: Matt B. Robert’s Podcast For Episode 7×04 of Outlander   1 comment

Here’s Matt B. Robert’s Podcast for episode 7×04 of Outlander. 

Click here or on the photo above to listen. 


New Video: Behind The Scene At Lallybroch With Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin   1 comment

Here’s a video from behind the scenes at Lallybroch, with Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin. 

New BTS Photo of Charles Vandervaart on The Set of Episode 7×04 of Outlander   2 comments

Here are some behind the scenes photos of Charles Vandervaart on the set of episode 7×04 of Outlander. 


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NEW BTS Stills from Outlander 7×04 – A Most Uncomfortable Woman   2 comments

Here are NEW BTS Stills from Outlander 7×04 – A Most Uncomfortable Woman

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NEW HQ Stills for Outlander 7×04 – A Most Uncomfortable Woman   2 comments

Here are NEW HQ Stills from Outlander 7×04 – A Most Uncomfortable Woman

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New Video: Inside Episode 7×04 of Outlander   2 comments

Here’s a video where the cast of Outlander discuss episode 7×04. 

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Clip From Episode 7×04 of Outlander – Clip Title: ‘Dangerous to Bed You’   2 comments

Here’s a clip from episode 7×04 of Outlander titled ‘Dangerous to Bed You’ 

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New: Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan and Mark Lewis Jones’ Interview With TV Line Regarding Episode 7×04 of Outlander   1 comment

From TV Line

TVLINE | Tom Christie is a bit of an enigma; for a long time, it’s hard to tell where he’s coming from. In your estimation, what do you think was the tipping point — or turning point — for him in how he feels about Claire?

MARK LEWIS JONES | I think it’s a gradual build, but I think something happens immediately when we first meet him at Fraser’s Ridge… He’s been given a bit of food, and Jamie and Claire walk in. It’s almost that something is sparked when he first sees Claire.

But if I cast my mind back to the scenes, you know, the hand scenes and the operation, and when Claire comes down at night and Tom has been made to stay in the surgery bay overnight… There’s that quietness and peace, and she’s got her hair down, and she leans over him at one point. It’s gradual, but I think there are key moments within that journey.

And when we get to [Season] 7, Tom had been on the journey, you know, as her protector. As you say, he’s difficult to read. He is an enigma — I think that’s the correct word for him — and by the time he gets to the boat when he offers himself as a sacrifice, it’s all brought to a head, all an act of love and his love for Claire. To actually be able to say that he loves her is, like, where did that come from? [Laughs]


TVLINE | There are very few people who can throw Claire off her game so hard. Caitriona, why do you think that is? She’s speechless when he comes back.

CAITRIONA BALFE | Claire sort of had him pegged as this pious bigot very early on, and she could sense there was something more to him. She tried to reach him a few times, but I think every time she tried to do that before, she’d sort of hit a wall. So with everything that happened with Malva, his reaction to Malva’s death, all of that, Claire, I think she just sort of put him in a box and decided that that’s who he was.

… What’s so surprising is the way he reveals himself when he reveals more about his life, the pain that he suffered, and you get to understand why he acts the way he does, and then, you know, when he makes an overture towards Claire, it’s a really fun, very confusing-for-Claire moment. Mark Lewis Jones is so amazing. He’s been such a dream to work with, and we’ve enjoyed having him on the show so much.

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New: Sophie Skelton, Richard Rankin & Maril Davis’ Interview With EW Regarding Episode 7×04 of Outlander   Leave a comment

From EW

On Outlander, Roger (Richard Rankin) and Bree (Sophie Skelton) have returned to their own futures in a bid to save Mandy and secure her the life-saving surgery she requires. But in season 7, episode 4, it’s revealed that Roger and Bree have been living in a caravan while renovating Lallybroch for a few years.

But once Mandy’s heart was repaired and Roger and Bree discovered via their letters that Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) survived, why didn’t the family return to the past?

Executive producer Maril Davis also notes that, for a multitude of reasons, Roger and Bree believe their family is better off in the present. “They think it’s a safer time,” she tells EW. “It’s not so easy to go through the stones. It takes a toll on your body. The stones should not be seen as a revolving door. The journey is one that shouldn’t be made very often. Coming through with something that happened to Mandy in her heart, they think it’s better that we stay here. It’s safer.”

It remains to be seen if that’s really true. Bree and Roger seem to be a magnet for trouble, and there are many foes — including Geillis Duncan (Lotte Verbeek), who remains unaccounted for. Not to mention the fact that Bree and Roger have chosen to settle at Lallybroch, a location with centuries of history tied to their family.

“It makes them an easy target,” Rankin teases. “That house must be full of ghosts. It has unintended consequences.”

“It’s a lot of pressure to put on a child’s heart,” Skelton tells EW. “It’s not an elevator that you can just hop on and off. Going through the stones is a really big deal. It’s not set in stone that you’re going to end up in the time period that you are wanting to be in or with the people you are wanting to [be with]. Who knows if you can even survive it? Some people might not survive going through the stones… It’s not a back-and-forth situation. It’s dangerous. Why take your children back to the American Revolution if you don’t have to?”

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Video: Inside Episode 7×04 of Outlander With Charles Vandervaart, David Berry and John Bell – TV Insider   1 comment

Here’s a video from inside episode 7×04 of Outlander with Charles Vandervaart, David Berry and John Bell. 


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