NEW Interview and Photoshoot with Sophie SKelton from The Wylde   1 comment

Here are NEW Interview and Photoshoot with Sophie Skelton from The Wylde

From The Wylde:

Sophie’s Choices: British actress Sophie Skelton is amassing an enviable collection of screen roles, from period drama to sci-fi and beyond. She is currently causing waves in the hit TV series Outlander, based on the time-bending novel series by Diana Gabaldon, in which she plays the tormented American, Brianna Randall Fraser. And with several movies under her belt that cover bases as diverse as WW2 drama Another Mother’s Son, Hollywood bank heist flick #211 with Nicolas Cage, and a remake of zombie classic Day of The Dead, Skelton’s star is most definitely on the rise. We caught up with her on a rainy London afternoon to chat musicals, toy-testing and twisted thrillers…

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Wylde: You started out doing ballet and singing, then moved into musical theatre. What kind of productions did you play in when you were younger?
Sophie Skelton: I ended up doing quite a range of musicals, from the slightly darker ones like Chicago to Oliver! and similar. Funnily enough, my first ever TV appearance was on the game show A Question of Sport. They have a “mystery guest” section, and I was doing a production of Oliver! at the Palace Theatre. The boxer Ricky Hatton came to the theatre and we had to perform one of the main musical numbers and re-choreograph it around him for him to then be revealed at the end. I think I was 11 at the time. That’s so bizarre… I just remembered that!

Did the idea of being a pop singer ever cross your mind, or were you always more drawn to the musical theatre side of things?
No, my career choices were between acting and being a surgeon – so highly unrelated to one another! I always felt more called to the acting though. I was forever at the cinema, I just loved it. It’s still my escape place now. I do still sing, and I love it, and the idea of being on stage again performing is really exciting to me but it was never my passion. Acting allows you to play out other people’s stories. I feel with singing, you sing about your own. I’m quite a private person; I think I’d rather use any heartache in my life to play someone else’s rather than divulge my own through a song! 



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  1. Really enjoyed the indepth interview. All these actors in Outlander are so talented in different ways. I loved her outfits as shown. Will be following Brianna as the Outlander storey unfolds. Thank you for sharing the interview.

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