NEW HQ Still of Outlander Season Finale 4×13   9 comments

Here is a NEW HQ Still of Outlander Season 4×13

Outlander – Season 4 – Episode 413

9 responses to “NEW HQ Still of Outlander Season Finale 4×13

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  1. Thank you.

    Sandra Ninas-Scheffel
  2. If this is truly a scene from the finale the writers have gone away from the books yet again, Ian’s face is supposed to be tattooed and his hair cut differently. Will wait and watch the episode………. ( sigh)!

  3. That looks like a scene from the preview for 411, that’s can’t be the finale …

    • there was an article from tv insider, I believe that we posted, with the same still and the article confirmed that it is from the finale

      • Episode 13! Noooooooo! We waited so long for Season 4 and now it will soon be over – I feel withdrawal setting in already. I do have a question, is some of the Drums of Autumn storey being carried over to Season 5? Or will Season 5, which I understand production will start in February be “The Fiery Cross” storey only.

        • The episodes are getting closer to the end in this season so season 5 will begin with The Fiery Cross. It’s somewhat confusing by the picture above since Young Ian should have tattooes on his face if that is in fact a scene from episode13. Will have to wait and see.

          • Hi Danielle: Thanks for the reply, and I guess we’ll just wait and see. Seasons 5 and 6 should be interesting, as all the other Seasons before were. Do you know if there are any plans to go further than Season 6?

            • Hi Rhona, not that I have heard of so far, the tv stations may be waiting to see if the show is still as popular before commiting to more Seasons, will have to wait and see.

  4. Young Ian doesn’t get tattoos on his face until AFTER Roger is rescued and taken home by Claire and Jamie.

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