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Here is a NEW Interview with Matt Roberts from Entertainment Weekly

From EW:

Spoiler Alert! Don’t read unless you’ve watched the season 4 premiere of Outlander on Starz.

Welcome to America, Frasers!  We asked Executive Producer Matthew B. Roberts to break down the first episode and explain why it seemed appropriate to score the final scene with a 20th Century tune.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Before we get into the episode, I have to say: listening to the opening titles made me sentimental for Scotland!
MATTHEW B. ROBERTS Yeah. That is true. Scotland is a stand-in for North Carolina. We have always had Scotland as a character. To tell you the truth it was a struggle this year to have a character kind of die on you. But I will say this, we try to keep Scotland alive in the series, and you’ll see that later.

So a majority of the season will take place in America?

The show jumps right into Wilmington after the shipwreck without really explaining how they got there. Why did you do that?
We tried to stay close to the source material, especially when it comes to opening a season. To tell how they journeyed from the shipwreck to Wilmington would have felt a little bit like shoe leather. We wanted to just get them to Wilmington. They’ve already kind of acclimated to the new world, and setting their sights on getting back to Scotland. To do the shoe leather of getting there felt like a little extra work that we didn’t need.

You showed the construction of the standing stones in North Carolina. Who supposedly built those, and is that a question you’ll answer this season?
We don’t answer who built the standing stones in Scotland or in North America.


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  1. Excellent start to another season! Some shows lose their mojo after 2/3 seasons but not Outlander they get better.

  2. Season 4 will be awesome. I’ve just watched episode 1 of Season 4 – and loved it. I felt the lament for poor Gavin Hayes was so sad. The Gaelic language is like a song when spoken – too bad it was outlawed for so long.

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