New Pic of Diana Gabaldon   6 comments

Here is a NEW pic of Diana Gabaldon



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6 responses to “New Pic of Diana Gabaldon

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  1. Why does it seem so difficult to add information, who a ‘person in question’ is in the picture with?

  2. Lovely photo! Where did Diana get that gorgeous dress?

  3. She had that dress on Friday night at the Fergus Scottish Festival last weekend were she spoke briefly as part of the tatoo. I don’t know the people I imagine just fans .

  4. Beautiful dress. Um, I don’t want to sound selfish or whatever, but Diana, that book is not going to write itself! lol-ish

  5. That is my husband and son! It’s from the Fergus Scottish Festival in August. I got left behind to stay with the chairs while they stretched their legs…and THIS happened. It was awesome and awful all at once. Diana was very kind and took time to speak to my son and take a picture with them. Forever thankful (and jealous!)

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