New Pic of Sam Heughan and William Shatner   4 comments

Here is a NEW pic of Sam Heughan and William Shatner



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4 responses to “New Pic of Sam Heughan and William Shatner

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  1. What a surprise: The Captain and Mr. Scot(t)!*
    Two of my favorite actors who play(ed) dashing adventurers!
    What brought them together? Please tell me Bill Shatner was considered for Jamie’s grandfather, Lord Lovat, but wasn’t available. He’d have done a beautiful job being the cranky old & sly devil! (Trying to imagine Bill in a kilt in his heyday! More yummy eye-er, “knee” candy!). You guys ROCK!
    *Apologies to the late James Doohan (The 1st Star Trek series’ “Mr. Scott”).

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  4. Love Star Trek, love Outlander, What a fabulous photograph of two excellent actors and a very beautiful horse! 🙂

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