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Hi all, 

As some of you know we started this site via Thinking of Rob. Many of our followers come from there as well. Erin (uss_sassenach) and I (FPOnTheDL) have been running this WordPress and we have an awesome team who runs Tumblr:  ThistleandFizooxzooLallybroch_jvmiefraserFmeRob and SilverxVideos

That being said, since we now have this site, we needed to have people who could join us over here and post and who better to bring over then part of the ToR team. So please join us in welcoming DreamySim1Slowie_blackrose26_ and SparksTP to the site. Since a team always remains a team o_oza has followed us as well for moral support.  We’re really happy to have them with us! 

As a side-note, don’t worry ToR fans, we’re not dropping ToR. We will still be there, as we have been for the last six years. 



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