New interview of John Bell and Rollo   4 comments

Here’s a new interview of John Bell with Rollo on the set of Outlander 

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4 responses to “New interview of John Bell and Rollo

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  1. That’s right Rollo – we’ll see you on November 4th. That dog should get star billing. John Bell and Rollo! A great team. In the book, Young Ian and Rollo are hardly ever apart. Yes – November 4th – hurry up.

  2. What a beautiful animal! the bond is so apparent. Brought such a “verra” big grin to my face. Love it

  3. Gorgeous animal and so smart. Love it!

    Danielle Levasseur
  4. I was there when that part of the filming was recorder last October everyone very friendly but was unable to take photographs or talk to the actors then,but a good day.

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