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Here is a NEW Interview with Laura Donnelly from Broadway.Com

From Broadway.Com

Laura Donnelly appeared in London and on Broadway in Jez Butterworth’s intimate tease of a play The River and is now at the Gielgud Theatre in the West End in Butterworth’s epic new piece, The Ferryman, directed by Oscar winner Sam Mendes and co-starring film name Paddy Considine and 1992 Tony winner Brid Brennan. Born in Belfast but long-based in London, the eloquent actress spoke about a play that carries great personal meaning—and also what it was like sharing a New York stage with Hugh Jackman.

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How did your first West End preview go, following an earlier sellout run at the far-smaller Royal Court?
It was actually brilliant. We were a little bit nervous but it was really lovely to have all those laughs again, and also that absolute silence. This play has been dying to get into a bigger space all along, and the Gielgud really suits it.

What is it like being part of a vast play that includes among its cast any number of children and animals and an actual—amazingly well-behaved—baby?
I’ve certainly never been in a company this large, and I have to say it makes it really fun coming to work. Everywhere you go there are people milling about and chatting, and the animals bring their own special atmosphere to the play.

In what way?
You find yourself getting ready, and the next thing you know, whatever it is that geese do they are doing it loudly and we can hear it. The baby, in turn, brings a kind of calm to the chaos.

What is your perspective on Caitlin Carney, the character you play?
I would say she’s a series of contradictions. She’s incredibly together and leads a family of many children and elderly relatives—a family she came into through marriage and that she is running on a day-to-day basis. At the same time, she’s incredibly vulnerable and is hiding many things. I sort of see her as a duck whose legs are paddling frantically under the surface.

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  1. Am looking looking forward to her acting in Season 3, outlander. Nothing holds her back and she is a fascinating and powerful actress. I enjoy her acting performances.

  2. Although Diana has made Jenny very specific in her looks especially the eyes, because it is referenced so many times in almost all the books, Laura has the temperament and facial expressions that make her Jenny.

    Lovely actress.

    • Agree with that wholeheartedly. Was Jenny ever spunky and strong – she didn’t back down from anything.

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