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Here are some NEW stills from Entertainment Weekly of Outlander Season 3


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  1. Boy, do I have questions!! Is Claire having a dream about Culloden or is Jamie having a dream about Claire? I see a lot of nonVoyager moments…Hope they have some Voyager scenes, too.

  2. I am glad that they are going to show the battle of Culloden and the final battle between Jamie and BJR. This is an adaptive choice that makes sense. Whether Jamie remembers it or not, we as the audience will know what really happened on that battlefield. For TV this is a better choice. My bet is that the picture of Claire on the battlefield is Jamie dreaming as he ponders whether he is dead, in purgatory or alive. The shot looks haunting.

  3. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

  4. Season 3 CANNOT come SOON ENOUGH!!!
    This is gonna be GREAT!

  5. I canna wait!!!

  6. I would like it to come out sooner!!! I read the books three times over. Diane has a good imagination. She is my favorite author!

  7. Love the photos! I’m going to be very disappointed if the don’t show Jamie killing Black Jack Randell!!! I want to see that! I despize the man!!!

    • Didn’t Murtagh kill Black Jack to save Jaimie? And by so doing Murtagh was killed … That’s my recollection.

      • That’s what I thought, too. The one change from the book I’d like to see, though, is that Murtagh does survive.

        • Problem is, if Murtagh survives Culloden, what is he going to be doing or what will happen to him during the first 7+ years after Culloden when the English were still executing anyone they could find that was involved in Culloden. Jamie hid in a cave. Would Murtagh share the cave? Then what? All the others were transported from Airdsmuir. What quirk of fate would save Murtagh from being transported? And how would he meet up with Jamie after Hellwater? Sounds like way too complicated a plot change.

          • No, in my imagination Murtagh helps some soldiers back to Lallybroch and is hidden there. Then he escapes and gets to a ship for America, then he finds Jocasta and helps her run her plantation. THEN eventually he meets up with Claire and Jamie and they ALL live happily ever after (hahahaha … but I like it.)

            • It would be a surprise if Murtagh turned up in America, his survival at Culloden unknown to Jamie. It could be done. And it would be nice to continue the tv character that translated so well from the books. Duncan Lacroix was fabulous. On the other hand, young Ian does take over that role of partner and helper to Jamie. Having seen John Bell around the traps I think we’re going to fall in love with young Ian all over again.

              • Murtagh can’t survive Culoden, the deviation from the books would be just too huge. Murtagh would either have to be killed off in some other scene (they were hanging Jacobites in the years directly after Culoden); or he somehow survives to end up in Ardsmuir and later transported. The impact of his personality on Jamie’s character development would be significant, especially if they find each other in the Colonies – Jamie has to grow into a mature man without his gofather looking over his shoulder.

                Voyager has Murtagh killing BJR @ Culoden and then being killed in turn, with BJR falling onto Jamie. Ironically this keeps Jamie alive by cutting off his blood supply. A most satisfying moment.

                Whilst at Ardsmuir Jamie has a lot of dreams of Claire, which in turn affects his notions of self abuse adding to his torment. At the same time the dreams help him to survive along with his “lairdship” of the other prisoners

  8. These are great. Would have liked to see more photos of Caitriona Balfe featured in this article.

  9. I think this historic battle will be painful to watch.
    I love these brave characters & to know the outcome & how the brave Highlanders fought with such passion for their country.
    Yes, it will be tough.

  10. I like it when the show makes thoughtful changes to the book. It will be interesting to see which smaller plot points get streamlined/ dropped for the sake of episodic TV. Having them differ is like doubling the dose of my favorite story…who doesn’t want that?

  11. DroughtLander withdrawal!!!

    Sandra Ninas-Scheffel
  12. I never really figured out what happened to Martagh! I think he was killed at Culloden. I can’t remember!!!

  13. Does anybody know why BJR was buried at St Kilda? Is this ever explained in the later books? Or is it an open thread?

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