NEW Picture of Richard Rankin   4 comments

Here is a NEW pic of Richard Rankin

Fullscreen capture 8172016 91321 PM.bmp


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  1. Is Richard the one in blue shirt?? Difficult to recognize – looks so different !

  2. Would someone please point out which is Richard ? I have to agree with the previous post, I’m not sure who is who. I’ve only seen him in the “Roger ” incarnation. Thanks.

  3. Uh…which one is Roger? None of them actually ring a bell.

  4. Haha, yes, he is the one in the blue shirt. If you’re curious how he might perform as Roger in future seasons, I recommend The Crimson Field, The Syndicate (Season 3), and Thirteen. I watched these shows after seeing him in Dragonfly in Amber because I loved his performance and wondered how he might do in future seasons. He’s great in all of them and I’ve no doubt he’ll do a lovely job as Roger as the series continues.

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