NEW Interview and Photoshoot with Nell Hudson from Vulkan

Here is a NEW Interview and Photoshoot with Nell Hudson from Vulkan

From Vulkan:

English actress Nell Hudson is known to Outlander fans as the fiery Laoghaire. We dove into the most recent season with Nell to discuss all of the dramatic developments between Laoghaire, Jamie and Claire and where the series is heading. In addition, we gained some insight to Nell’s portrayal of Skerrett in the popular ITV series Victoria.  Outlander airs Sundays at 8pm eastern on Starz TV and be sure to catch Nell in the Victoria Christmas Special on ITV in December.

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In Outlander, things have been getting more and more complicated for Laoghaire. Do you think she got a great deal of joy out of showing Claire that she was married to Jamie?

It’s definitely a pretty massive “F**k you” isn’t it? Sadly, I think the fury and pain of simply seeing Claire again overshadows any satisfaction she might wield over her.

Surely she feels threatened by Claire but, given how Jamie has a tendency to take off when the going gets tough, should she have been more worried about him instead?

 We always blame the other woman don’t we, never the man… I think you’re right. The trouble with Laoghaire’s love for Jamie (part 99) is that she’s so utterly in denial about everything. It’s a very myopic, naive love.