UHQ Episode Screencaps

We make UHQ (1080p) episode screencaps. To make them easier for you to find, here is a list of the galleries with links to get to them. Be patient, since they are UHQ and each gallery has over 1,000 screencaps, it takes a while for the galleries to load.

If you’re on mobile and you’re having issues seeing the full screencap, scroll down to the very bottom of the post, below the comments and click “Exit Mobile site”. It will bring you to the regular version of the website. 

Season 1

1×01 Sassenach: Click here
1×02 Castle Leoch: Click here
1×03 The Way Out: Click here
1×04 The Gathering: Click here
1×05 Rent: Click here
1×06 The Garrison Commander: Click here
1×07 The Wedding: Part I Part IIPart III
1×08 Both Sides Now: Click here
1×09 The Reckoning: Click here
1×10 By the Pricking of My Thumbs: Click here
1×11 The Devil’s Mark: Click here
1×12 LallybrochClick here
1×13 The Watch: Click here
1×14 The Search: Click here
1×15 Wentworth Prison: Click here
1×16 To Ransom a Man’s Soul: Click here

All Season 1 UHQ Stills: Click here

Season 2

2×01 Through a Glass Darkly: Click here
2×02 Not in Scotland Anymore: Click here
2×03 Useful Occupations and Deceptions: Click here
2×04 La Dame Blanche: Click here
2×05 Untimely Resurrection: Click here
2×06 Best Laid Schemes: Click here
2×07 Faith: Click here
2×08 The Fox’s Lair: Click Here
2×09 Je Suis Prest: Click Here
2×10 Prestonpans: Click Here
2×11 Vengeance is Mine: Click here
2×12 The Hail Mary: Click here
2×13 Dragonfly in Amber: Click here 

All Season 2 UHQ Stills: Click here

Season 3

3×01 The Battle Joined: Click here
3×02 Surrender: Click here
3×03 All Debts Paid: Click here
3×04 Of Things Lost: Click here
3×05 Freedom & Whisky: Click here 
3×06 A. Malcolm : Click here 
3×07 Creme de Menthe: Click here
3×08 First Wife: Click here
3×09 The Doldrums: Click here
3×10 Heaven & Earth: Click here
3×11 Uncharted: Click here
3×12 The Bakra: Click here 
3×13 Eye of the Storm: Click here

All Season 3 UHQ Stills: Click here

Season 4

4×01 America the Beautiful: Click here
4×02 Do No Harm: Click here
4×03 The False Bride: Click here
4×04 Common Ground: Click here
4×05 Savages : Click here
4×06 Blood of My Blood: Click here
4×07 Down the Rabbit Hole: Click here
4×08 Wilmington: Click here
4×09 The Birds & the Bees: Click here
4×10 The Deep Heart’s Core : Click here
4×11 If Not For Hope: Click here 
4×12 Providence : Click here
4×13 Man of Worth: Click here

All Season 4 UHQ Stills: All UHQ Stills as of December 12th (156 Stills) 

Season 5

5×01 The Fiery Cross: Click here
5×02 Between Two Fires: Click here
5×03 Free Will : Click here
5×04 The Company We Keep: Click here 
5×05 Perpetual Adoration: Click here
5×06 Better to Marry Than Burn: Click here
5×07 The Ballad of Roger Mac : Click here
5×08 Famous Last Words : Click here
5×09 Monsters and Heroes: Click here
5×10 Mercy Shall Follow Me: Click here
5×11 Journeycake: Click here
5×12 Never My Love : Click here

Season 6

6×01 Echoes: Click here
6×02 Allegiance: Click here
6×03 Temperance: Click here
6×04 Hour of the Wolf: Click here
6×05 Give Me Liberty: Click here
6×06 The World Turned Upside Down: Click here
6×07 Sticks and Stones: Click here
6×08 I Am Not Alone: Click here

Season 7

7×01 A Life Well Lost: Click here
7×02 The Happiest Place on Earth: Click here
7×03 Death Be Not Proud: Click here
7×04 A Most Uncomfortable Woman: Click here
7×05 Singapore: Click here
7×06 Where the Waters Meet: Click here
7×07 A Practical Guide for Time-Travelers: Click here
7×08 Turning Points: Click here
7×09 TBD: Coming in 2024
7×10 TBD: Coming in 2024
7×11 TBD: Coming in 2024
7×12 TBD: Coming in 2024
7×13 TBD: Coming in 2024
7×14 TBD: Coming in 2024
7×15 TBD: Coming in 2024
7×16 TBD: Coming in 2024


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