*New* Interview with Ron D. Moore from E! Online

Here’s a new interview with Ron D.Moore from E! Online

<> at The Grove on May 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

<> at The Grove on May 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

From E! Online:

If only history class looked like Outlander, then we would have done so much better in school. (Although if our professor looked like Sam Heughan, we probably would have failed. Because we’d just be staring at him and daydreaming and generally not paying attention. Can you blame us?!)

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But when executive producer Ron D. Moore and his wife, Emmy Award-winning costume designer Terry Dresbach, sat down to start creating all of the amazingly authentic looks of Outlander’s characters, they had no idea they were in for the lesson of their lives…because what they thought they were going to dress their cast in was actually historically inaccurate!

“When Terry started doing research into what they actually wore, we were all surprised that a lot of our preconceptions of tartans and plaids and kilts was actually not true to the period,” Moore tells E! News at the unveiling of “A Tartan Affair,” the public exhibit of all the costumes from the Starz drama at The Grove in LA. “A lot of what we have come to think of traditional tartans are those bright yellows and reds and greens that you see in tourist shops but evidently that all comes out of a 19th century romantic revival of Scottish culture. But in our period, in the 1740s, they didn’t wear any of that.”

What Moore and Dresbach found to be the most surprising part of creating the costumes was the process of figuring out exactly what the Highlanders wore.

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