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Throwback Pic Post: 830+ Pics, Stills and #Outlander Screencaps of Sam Heughan – Part I   3 comments

Over the past few weeks we’ve been doing throwback pic post of Outlander actors. Today we’re tackling Sam Heughan. It took a long time to make this post since we had to go back on all the Sam Heughan posts on the site, which is 280 pages *cough*.  We chose mostly pics that are older since people have seen all the recent ones. As we can’t post all the stills and screencaps we’ve just chosen the ones we thought were the best. Screencaps will be in Part II. This post is just too pic heavy as it is to add screencaps. Hope you enjoy! 

So far we’ve done posts for: David BerryCesar DomboyDiana GabaldonDuncan LacroixFinn den Hertog, Gary Lewis,  Graham McTavishGrant O’RourkeJohn BellLaura DonnellyLauren LyleLotte VerbeekNell HudsonRichard RankinRosie DaySophie SkeltonStephen WaltersSteven Cree and we did a throwback pic post of all the BTS Pics here. You can check out each post by clicking on their names. Enjoy! 

***Keep scrolling down, there are a lot of pics and screencaps***

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NEW Trailer for Sam Heughans “When The Starlight Ends”   6 comments

Here is a NEW Trailer for Sam Heughans “When The Starlight Ends”

Old/New Stills of Sam Heughan in “When the Starlight Ends”   2 comments

Here are some old/new stills of Sam Heughan in “When the Starlight Ends”. 

Sam Heughan

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*VIDEO* Few Clips of ‘When The Starlight Ends’ With Sam Heughan   3 comments

Here are few clips from Sam Heughan’s movie ‘When The Starlight Ends’


Click here or on the screencap to watch the video



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*New* Pic of Sam Heughan From When The Starlight Ends   7 comments

Here’s a new pic of Sam Heughan from When The Starlight Ends. 



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*VIDEO* Sam Heughan Interview from the ‘When the Starlight Ends’ Set   2 comments

From ET Canada:

Sam Heughan takes a break from “Outlander” buzz to talk with us about his new dark comedy “When the Starlight Ends” and what it was like to portray a depressed writer.

Video via SamCaitLife

New Sam Heughan Interview from the ‘When the Starlight Ends’ Set   2 comments

Outlander returns to Showcase this Sunday, Apr. 5 at 10 p.m. ET/PT with the second half of its first season, which means star Sam Heughan will send hearts racing again as sexy Scottish warrior Jamie Fraser.

Last week Sam dropped by the ET Canada studio to talk about the return of the acclaimed time-travelling series, and this week we visit the set of his latest project,When the Starlight Ends.

In the dark comedy, Sam plays a depressed writer. He admits that his new role does have a silver lining: the wardrobe, which is far less cumbersome than being costumed as a 17th-century Scotsman.

“I get to put on a t-shirt, which is fantastic,” he gushes. “There’s no layers of mud and grime that the highlanders wear in Outlander.”

When the Starlight Ends finds Sam in the role of a struggling writer trying to rewrite hislovelife, and his leading lady is played by Arabella Oz — daughter of TV M.D. Dr. Oz.

“My dad is always supportive,” says Arabella of her famous father, who encouraged her showbiz aspirations. “As long as you’re going for it and giving it 100 per cent, he’s up for it.”

Arabella admits that when she first met her co-star, she couldn’t believe that someone that handsome could also be so down to earth. “Something needs to be wrong because you’re too good looking to be this nice,” she recalls, adding, “and he is that nice.”

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