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New Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe Interview with TV Fanatic   3 comments

Jamie & Claire 1

TV Fanatic: Is it possible to get used to the fangirl-ness of people in terms of the show and you and Sam?

Caitriona Balfe: I’m always amazed by it, but I always think of it as…it’s not about me, it’s about Claire and it’s about the books that Diana has written. It’s just so exciting that our show has connected with people and the people have gotten behind it. I feel like I’m always like, “What?” It’s a really cool thing.

TVF: As an actor, how much do you feel like you’ve grown since doing this? I feel like you’ve been challenged in so many different ways with playing Jamie.

Sam Heughan: Yeah, actually [episodes] nine and ten actually were shot out of sequence. We shot those after three and four so we had to just get ahead. So, the first time Caitriona and I were doing intimate scenes, those were the first scenes we shot. But watching the show recently I was like “oh my God, I’m so much better now than I was,” but I think that’s probably the same for anyone. You know, you learn on set and you settle into the character more and into the moments.

But I think I’ve grown up a lot I think over the last year. I think Jamie, certainly in the show, he’s forced to grow up and address a lot of issues, a lot he’s left lie and he has to learn what it is to be in a relationship as well.

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