New Episode of Tim Downie and Justin Chubb’s Podcast ‘FolkLands’ in Up!

There’s a new episode of Tim Downie and Justin Chubb’s podcast ‘FolkLands’ that’s up! 

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From Folk_Lands on IG: 

New episode of #FolkLands is out! We explore omens, dark prophecies and portents of doom! We begin in the Buckinghamshire village of Naphill to discover the infamous death warnings that terrified the villagers in the 1940s. Then on to Dancer’s End for a rather unexpected and uplifting experience. Finally we duck beneath the branches of Wendover Wood where sightings of an enormous black cat have been seen as recently as three days ago.

We’re joined by the brilliant @ruthie_connell who reads from ‘The Prophecies of Mother Shipton’.