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New Maril Davis Interview with Three If By Space   1 comment

From Three If By Space (Part 1):

Earlier this week, I had a lot of fun talking with Outlander’s Executive Producer Maril Davis. In Part 1, Maril discusses her background, her feelings about sci fi, and why we haven’t heard about Season 3 yet!

ERIN: You’re one of the most unknown people in all of Outlander. You don’t do that many interviews, we don’t know that much about you. I thought we could talk about what you do, how you started. (Note: OutlanderCast Blog did a great podcast with Maril earlier this year, in which she discussed a lot of her early career. You can listen to that podcast here.) I thought it was fascinating that you were attempting to be a pro soccer player. Have you always been athletic?

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New Interview of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe from Three If By Space   2 comments

Here is a new interview of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe from Three If By Space

New Interview with Sam Heughan from Three If By Space   7 comments

Here is a new interview from Three If By Space with Sam Heughan at San Diego Comic Con


Just a quick explanation of the process of these interviews, since you may have seen other blogs from SDCC – there were about 50 reporters crammed into a room. We all sat at four round tables, with our microphones, cell phones, etc – no photography was allowed – and one of the “Big 4″ – Sam, Caitriona, Ron Moore, and Diana, came to sit at each table. Each reporter had an opportunity to ask a question; and after about 10 minutes, the stars switched tables. So you should see four different sets of questions, if you can find them all!

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