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Throwback Post: 425+ Pics of Richard Rankin   12 comments

Many of you on Twitter have been asking us for more pics of Richard Rankin, since we don’t have any we figured we’d do the next best thing and post a throwback post with pictures of Richard. We also included some screencaps we’ve made in the past of Richard, as Roger MacKenzie, in Outlander. There are also some pics from other shows and movies he’s done. This is like the ‘Richard Rankin Master Post’. We hope you enjoy! 

Keeps scrolling down because there are A LOT of pics and screencaps. 

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More after the jump! 

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New Trailer for “Thirteen” Starring Richard Rankin   1 comment

Here is a new trailer for “Thirteen” starring Richard Rankin

(you can see Richard at 0:14,  0:43 – 0:45 , and at 0:52 )

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