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*VIDEO* New Sam Heughan Interview with The TeleVixen   2 comments

Here’s a new interview of Sam Heughan with The Televixen


New Interview of Sam Heughan with The Televixen   3 comments


From The Televixen:

Outlander is finally back this weekend, and we have a very special treat — a conversation with Sam Heughan from his recent visit to Toronto! In it, we chat about the darker turn the series takes in the second half of the season, Claire and Jamie’s marriage, getting ready to film Season 2 and more!

We are getting ready for the return of Outlander. What can you tease about the first episode back? I find it very fascinating since it’s from Jamie’s perspective.

It is indeed, yes. The first episode of the second part of the season starts off from Jamie’s perspective. Basically, you pick up from where we left off, where Jamie is rescuing Claire from the clutches of Black Jack Randall. And it flashes back to sort of when Jamie found out about that she had been captured and then what he had to go through to get there. He has also been having meetings with a deserter called Horrocks who could ultimately help him clear his name as an outlaw. So, it’s a very action-packed first episode – a lot happens. There is a scene that then follows the rescue that really tests Jamie and Claire’s relationship and then sort of continues through the next episodes.

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