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‘Outlander’ star had to unlearn her modeling skills


PASADENA, Calif. – When Caitriona Balfe headed for L.A. to become an actress she’d already spent 10 years as an international high fashion model. She had left home at 18, answering an invitation to Paris to shimmy down the runway.

But her dream was to be an actress, and modeling proved an impediment. “You pick up a lot of bad habits in the modeling world in comparison to acting,” she says in a noisy restaurant here, the sound reverberating off the etched glass walls.

“Modeling is all about the ‘poised’ look, everything you do has to look a certain way. Whereas in acting you can’t care about what you look like. It’s all about what you feel or what your intention is, or what the other person’s intention is. You have to throw all that self-awareness out the window. I worked really hard and thank God it paid off.”

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